I felt the world couldn't be my home
I felt like I was all alone
I wanted to die, to leave this place
I wanted to never again see a human face
I'd sit locked up in my room
Thinking about my life that was doomed
I held the bottle of pills in my hand
And stared at the beer sitting on the stand
I was ready to die that night
Ready to leave this world and say goodbye
Then I hid the pills and got on the net
And I posted poems I wrote on a site I set
I got reviews from new people, new people, new friends
Who told me that life shouldn't end
Then I thought of Sarah and Tay
And Tina, and Shela, they saved my life that day
So Sam, Amber, Cory, Kaitlyn, Emily, Gwin thanks to you
And Sarah, Taylor, Tina, and Shela, too
I'm still alive, I didn't say goodbye
Because all of you were in my life
And now I'm adding SimplePlan13! SORRY FOR NOT PUTTING YOU! LUV YA!