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It just happened- Chapter 1

You see, the story goes back one year ago, when I had finally decided to marry my girlfriend Annet after a year of relationship. I was happy as the whole wedding was held.

I stood at the altar with my black suit and saw how Annet walked towards me. I know I should have felt nervous and the whole butterfly insect crap in my stomach, but I wasn't. I had never actually believed in that stuff, the whole 'can't sleep, can't eat, reach over the fence and over the stars' kinda crap. Maybe it's because at that moment I had never felt like that.

Somehow through the whole ceremony I just wasn't there, something at the back of my mind was bothering me but I couldn't actually place it. I snapped back to reality when the father stared at me. "Uh- yeah I do." He nodded approvingly and I sighed in relief, Annet did the same and well you know the whole ring and kiss stuff happened.

We walked away through the typical rice rain, which I didn't find amusing when a piece hit my eye. We stepped into our 'just married' car, which was the lame old blue ford. You see Annet here is a doctor and head of the surgery department, so we didn't have much time to plan the wedding with the fear she would have an emergency, (as always) plus, we couldn't go too far for our honeymoon.

I personally had always thought it would be somewhere exotic, but no. It would be in the four star hotel down the road, 'The Blue Danube' isn't that romantic? (Please note the sarcasm in my voice. ..).

"Honey, are you all right?" I turned to see Annet who had a concerned look on her face. I smiled and nodded, she didn't press the issue and turned to see the streetlights. At that moment I realized I didn't know how this night would be different to others, I mean, it's not that I don't like sex, but we had done it so many times it was hard to think of a way of making it interesting again. I know I shouldn't have been so negative on my wedding night. .. Maybe it would be different 'cause she wouldn't use the pill? Ok, ok I'll shut up.

"Elijah look! Isn't it beautiful?" Annet was really over excited. Oh yeah, sorry my name's Elijah. Going back to the story. .. we decided we had to eat something, so my bride went to change into something decent and not white, while I sat down and scanned the menu. Great, French. .. I sighed and placed the menu down when Annet came into the restaurant followed by a group of girls, women whatever her age. What was going on? I know I was staring with a face of 'What the fuck?' because she glared at me before introducing me.

They had to put a new table so that all her friends, I didn't know, could sit with us. I smiled and nodded when I heard my name, and common questions like "Where do you work?" "How did you meet Annie?" and "Isn't this the happiest day of your life?"

I work at volcanoes research party, I met her after graduating and yes of course it is! (Though that answer sounded false at my ears.) I decided that this was just far from boring so I leaned my head on my hand and tried to make out the food in the 'MenĂº'. But then another person joined us, a very good-looking guy. By the way the girls greeted him, I learned his name was Gabriel. I found his spiky purple hair rather neat, that's when I realized I had been staring and when I met his eyes he winked at me. So I naturally freaked out, I mean I was just married and this guy was hitting on me! Get in my place, what would've you done? I turned away and somehow I knew I was blushing. Trying to forget the horrible incident, I grabbed the wine that had just been poured in my glass and played with it, but I couldn't stop lifting my eyes to see Gabriel every now and then.

Now here the problem gets worse: I was shaking my wine very nicely when I felt a naked foot on top of my shoe, my first thought was, 'Great Annet wants to go! Yes!' But when I turned to Annet, I realized she was besides me, and very happy cit-chatting with two friends. So who the-? That's when I turned to see Gabriel who had his head placed on both hands, (a/pov: imagine Shinji's father from Evangelion, that kind of position! ^^) and had an evil smirk plastered on his face, like cats have when they're about to pounce at a mouse or something!

His foot then moved higher, that's when I cracked and spilled the whole wine on my pants. "Shit!" I cursed and then glared at the purple haired man who had a satisfied smile on his face.

"Oh Elijah!" Annet put some tissues to absorb the liquid, but I shrugged them off.

"I'm fine I'm fine, I'll just go dry up a bit." I stood up and walked to the bathroom. I was confused and some water on my face would do fine. I sighed, somehow feeling better and grabbed a towel, and then I literally jumped when I felt one arm snaking round my waist and another one by my shoulders and neck.

I realized immediately it was Gabriel by the little tattoo I'd seen before spilling the wine. He had it on the arm that held my waist, I could feel his breathing besides my ear, "Why so jumpy?" it was the first time I heard him talk and believe it was a sexy voice. But that's not the point, I was scared, scared because my body began to react in a very strange way. And when he caressed my jawbone with his thumb I began to believe in the butterfly's thing, though these one had to be huge!

"I-I can't." Somehow after stuttering those words I actually thought he would leave me alone. I was so wrong. ..

Gabriel licked my ear and I began to have problems controlling the little buddy down there, "What did you say?" his voice was husky, and I could just swallow hard before being able to talk again.

"W-what if someone c-comes in?" What if Annet saw me? I prayed for him to realize my situation, but no good luck. Gabriel shrugged behind me.

"Nothing, they would mind their own business." Before I could argue, his hand that held my waist lowered to my trousers, opening quickly the button and the zipper. "Oh my! Now this looks delicious. .." Gabriel chuckled as my buddy had betrayed me and was showing himself under my boxers proudly, I tried to find a good excuse for my erection but it was too late. Gabriel had already snaked his fingers around my member and began to stroke it slowly.

Unintentionally (underline that word please!) I moaned and tossed my head backwards as shivers of pleasure filled my body. "That's nice isn't it?" The warm breath was still behind my ear, and I was just so drowned in the feeling I wasn't thinking right. I nodded and Gabriel began nibbling my neck, while his free hand touched my cheek and some fingers traced my lips. I opened my mouth and the slim fingers slipped inside it.

I grunted as I wanted Gabriel to stroke me faster, he complied and I followed his rhythm sucking and licking his two fingers. I could feel him becoming hard behind me, and it was such a turn on I felt myself getting painfully hard. Finally I came into his hand and my trousers arching my back in the process. He slipped his fingers out of my mouth and a trail of saliva followed them. We were both panting although I was more agitated than him.

Gabriel looked at his hand with the sticky substance and grinned at me, I turned away and realized I was holding myself on the washing table. Gabriel chuckled and washed his hands on the other basin, he walked before me to get a towel a dried his hand off. "That was very fun." I stared at him, "Here's my card, give me a ring." He drew out a little piece of paper and placed it in one of my jacket pockets. I was so stunned I couldn't move, but before he left, he grabbed my chin between his fingers. "I never heard your name."

I swallowed and looked downwards, "Elijah."

The purple haired man contemplated my name for some seconds with a grin, "I like it." He lifted my chin and sealed his lips against mine before leaving the bathroom.

Now let's make a summary, I just got married that day, a guy hit on me and touched me in a way that made me feel I was in pure ecstasy, then he kissed me leaving a number behind. Is it just me, or something's really wrong about this picture?


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