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Prologue to Mixture Makes it Better


I finally heard Kevin's respiration shallow and constant, I moved against him until he grunted and turned around, loosing his grip on my waist. A few years of practice were all I needed to make a man let me go without realizing it.

I got off the bed carefully and began to dress up. I took off the leather collar while chuckling softly, that had been funny and sexy. I had my shirt all buttoned up and I swore at the fact that I only had shorts with me. But yet, the original idea of today was to go to the beach. I smirked at my move with Kevin, that had been original, and oh so worth it.

I opened the door to walk away when I heard Kevin's voice. Fuck I woke him up. "Seth?" His voice was cranky, I stood there paralyzed, maybe he would go back to sleep? But he was a clever man, he patted the spot where I should be, "Seth?" He asked louder.

"Yes?" I finally answered.

"Where are you?" he lifted his body a bit, I guess his eyes were still rather shut, plus there was a very dim light coming from the window.

"By the door." I replied trying to sound casual.

It took him a bit of time to understand the words, "What? Why?"

"I-um I'm leaving." I stated.

"You don't have to." He said as matter of fact.

"I know."

"Come back to bed." He patted the spot beside him.

I hesitated, "Look, Kev I'll call you tomorrow."

He groaned and sat up resting his back on the bedpost, he turned on his lamp that was at his night table. He rubbed his eyes with one of his gorgeous long black hands. He looked so perfect with the bright light and dark shadows. "So tonight was only for sex?"

I glared, "That wasn't what I said."

"Then why are you leaving?"

"I don't like to stay the night over." I looked at the floor.

"Was the sex bad?"

Was he nuts? "For fuck sake no!" I almost shouted them closed my mouth, "I mean it was perfect."

He laughed, with his shinny white teeth, "C'mere, if you're gonna leave at least give me a good-by kiss"

I walked towards him smiling, I sat beside him, "Really it's nothing personal, I just-," he pressed his lips against mine, giving me a soft sensual kiss.

He broke it and ruffled my hair, "Don't kill yourself over this, you have my number, call me."

I grinned, "Will do." I felt so bad when I left his house and rode home. Maybe I should've stayed? No, I still didn't know where this was going… oh well we'd have to see tomorrow.

3030303-ELI'S POV-0303030

"You've lived here alone?" I asked staring at the huge space. This wasn't a flat, this was a fucking penthouse.

"Well yeah." He shrugged, how much money did Gabriel make with the photo shooting?

"Nice!" I looked around myself and stared at a door with a collage of pictures on it, "You have your own dark room?"

He laughed, "I'm a photographer love, I need one."

I smiled, the way he called me love was so natural it felt so right. "You have to show me how to take pictures and that stuff."

"No problem." He snaked his arms around my waits nuzzling my neck.

"I want to see the most important part of the house." I stated making my neck more accessible to him.

"The kitchen?" He asked and I hit him with my elbow.

"Funny, very funny." I rolled my eyes and he took my hand leading me to the some stairs (penthouse I say, penthouse!)

"This is the bedroom." A large bed was in the middle, it was a low bed. It had dark blue sheets. There was a large closet at one side.

"I think I'll call Joe to get all my stuff out of my flat."

Gabriel raised an eyebrow, "Joe as in I-sleep-with-my-brother-aka-incest Joe?"

I narrowed my eyes, "You're never gonna let that die are you?"

"No." he smirked and then he touched my hand, "You know I can also help."

I stared at him, it seemed that his jealous phase was still present, "Yes, but he has allot of teenage weird friends who would die to help for some cash."

"Alright." He kissed my temple and I dialled a number.