A/N- I got the idea for this poem from a poem called Train To Destiny by
VampireKidKara, she's a great writer. Check out her work.

A young boy was riding his bike on the way to school
His schoolbooks in his bag, his bag he thought looked cool
Peddling his little feet as fast as they could go
Thinking he was the king, and nothing could make him slow
Nothing in the world would slow down his pace
Nothing in the world could put a frown on his face

Just one mile away a man was driving really fast
Smoking marijuana, a high that wouldn't last
Drinking a beer that sat in his right hand
Thinking he could drive all over the land
He drove faster every second, not caring about the laws
Breaking every rule, for no real cause

The boy was still a while from school when a police drove right by
She kept driving even past the man that was driving high
She ignored the rules herself so she could get home soon
She didn't want to be bothered by the rules
The man laughed when he saw this law enforcer pass by
Especially because every second he was more high

Moments before reaching school the boy had to cross the street
He looked both was, left and right, before ever moving his feet
He was in the crosswalk, where he was supposed to be
And never saw the maniac when he started crossing the street
The driver was too high to see the boy in front of his car
And was going way too fast to stop because he wasn't that far
From the boy on his bike, on his way to school
A boy of nine years old who never thought that drugs were cool
A boy who's so smart, so smart he was already in the fifth grade
And straight "A's" his whole life he had made
The car struck the boy's bike, struck him right head on
The boy flew off his bike and over the man's car
The man spun around and crashed into a pole
But didn't pay the ultimate toll
He got out of the car, scratched and had a headache
Not even caring about the mistake that he had made
He looked at the boy's bike and the boy lying on the ground
And looked at his car, hoping he wouldn't be found
He took the plate from the car and threw it in the trash
So that no one could say he was at the crash
The boy lay there motionless, because he was almost dead
But the thought of sorrow never crossed the maniac's head
He walked to the bus stop and rode it to his home
As the boy lay there dying scared and all alone