Desolate Soul

All we are is all alone
Look away from your empty soul
you will suck me in your big dark hole

You lied to me
You made me feel pain
Like the others in this world driving me insane
You did wrong
And you did right
Your better then these people so you should act like trash and start a fight

We'll there's nothing new
I guess I've said it all
You Brought me up then you made me fall

I watched the sunset last night and rise again today
I know it will do it when I am gone
Because you see the world keeps going on

People say no don't do it
You will find someone else
You will be happy one day
Where's there hope and a will there's away

The only thing I know it Angels like you and demons like me
Were never meant to be
You have a light
And I have to fight
Struggle to stay alive everyday
But I can't
Evil never wins
Good always prevails

I may not be happy
But I know im not sad
So there should be no place in your heart that feels bad
Because the time I spent with you is the best I think I will ever have had

If it would get rid of my sorrows
I would give up tomorrow

If it would take away my pain
I would give up being sane

I would give my tears
for my old fears

I wouldn't have had to give up the girl I loved
who I looked at as a best friend
Even if my life came to an end

Your sweet and kind
Im sorry to leave you behind
Your words bring hope
and peace to mind

I wont forget you as im sure you wont forget me
May you find happiness and your desolate soul be forever free

For awhile if you have to...
let me linger in your heart
When your world comes down
and it falls apart
Look deep inside
for a reason to live
So you no longer have to hide

I maybe sad
Feeling hurt and lonely once again
But im proud to say your one of my greatest friends

I really hoped you were my reason to live
as much as I would love that
Im sorry to say
I want to give this life away

We often lose hope
But people like you could possibly make this a better place to live
You got so much potential and happiness to give.

I could climb a mountain
I could sail the seas
but no one would give a fuck
because its just me

If you have a wound I will help it mend
Because I know if I was drowning in the sea
You would rush over and help me.

If I needed you to hear me talk
You would
And you would care
And I will never forget your kindness
I will never forget your there

Im gonna miss you
But someday, someway, somehow
I hope to see you again

Im sorry I just didn't think anything could tear us apart
but things did and I couldn't handle another broken heart

Like I said once
Let me stick around in your heart for awhile
If that's what it takes to make you smile

But stroke the pain away
And you will be better someday

Love you like words can't explain
And because I can't I have this great pain
I wish you could seem to understand

Sorry for what I have done
and what I will do

I wish I could go back in time
and once again be blind

Never forget who you really are.
And always stay true.
Because in my heart and mind there will be a special place for you.