Poems 2000

Author's note: this school year hasn't been a poetry-productive year for me, but here are a few poems from a poetry porfolio I did last year in 9th grade, and I got a very good grade on it ^_^

Dragon's Girl

I am a dragon's girl who reaches for the sky
I wonder about everything and its wherefore and why
I hear future calling to me with promises it holds
I see adventures laid ahead of me gradually unfold
I want to dive into the unknown and let my soul fly
I am a dragon's girl who reaches for the sky

I pretend to be an invisible wanderer who roams the earth
I feel the spirits of nature surround me with mirth
I touch life with prudence because it is so precious and fragile
I worry if I'd drop out of the race without finishing the last mile
I cry for the dreams we failed to realize and grieve as they die
I am a dragon's girl who reaches for the sky

I understand that the world isn't always just and fair
I say there are too many things of which we're not aware
I dream of living a content life without any regret
I try to achieve all my goals before my destiny is met
I hope for success and happiness and I won't hesitate to vie
I am a dragon's girl who reaches for the sky

Whew, that rhymed doesn't it? :)) Written to the format the teacher gave, "I + verb..."

Black and Red

I'm of the mysterious and pensive black
Confidence and hope are what I lack
Writing diary late in the night
Hiding tears from others' sight
Depression stretches in the doleful air
Chill approaches me with talons of despair

Yet under the cover of fragility
My heart is flaring with intrepidity
Fire has been my innate element
"Never give up the fight" is my statement
I know I'll be able to face any dread
For I am of the dauntless and spirited red

Paradox as it may seem
I exist on the ends of extreme

Okay... rhyming again! I'm pretty amazed at the 9th-grade me, really! That was written to the instruction of "describe yourself in two colors" :))


Can be a bloodless murderer
Who creeps in the midnight after days or even years
And stabs your heart at the weakest point
Can be the merciless salt spilled in the deepest wounds
Reminding you of the pain
Which you thought had vanished long ago
It can also be...
Sunshine in a deserted corner
Always brings a smile to your face in the gray days
As the heart-warming scenes replay

A dust-covered photo album you view with open heart
A dated book with letters written in your mind
Emotions run together like the paints on a canvas
You long to bring back the atmosphere of "old days"
But lost yourself instead
You want to look into the future
But you turn around and find yourself
At the starting point again

It's not that bad, eh? Although it's a little bit trite, but I like this poem overall :))

Well, as you can see, I'm pretty positive about everything, and that's good. I hope I'll be able to write more this year, and I will update this file then. Thanks for reading. ^_^