Mas Rok: Slave-Warrior
Chapter One: Tomorrow's Wind

The stadium was four stories high and the spectators filled every last seat. Today was the long awaited fight between Mas of Rentaria and Schwarz of Rail. Normally this would've been just an ordinary fight to the death. Yet that wasn't to be, since Mas was the bastard son of a bastard son of a Rentarian noble. Mas had the blood of kings in him and in a far off different reality; he could've been the heir to the Northlands.

However, that wasn't to be and all Mas saw today was the chance for life and the chance for death. Depending on how well he and his opponent used their swords, either way the chance for death lurked about everyday of his life. He never worried about it too much. He simply didn't care anymore. Tomorrow's wind would no longer bother him.

"A bastard in the line of Rok, a fierce Rentarian house that once ruled the Northlands of Rentaria, will fight Schwarz. A Railian that was born and raised a slave right here in Magische Stadt. Place your bets at the nearest stand and let the challenge begin!," boomed an anouncer as the to gates that held Mas and Schwarz opened.

Mas calmly walked out, holding his spear in the general direction of Schwarz. His long dark hair was tied back in a ponytail, so it couldn't get in the way of his eyes. Silently he cursed, his master purposely set up the fight so he'd most likely loose. An old worn down spear and a dagger, was all the weapons he had. To his anger all he was allowed to wear was a fancy pair of pants that nobles in his homeland wore. While his opponent had fully body armour on.

Schwarz gave a sharp battle cry and than charged at the noble before him.

Mas levelled his spear and waited for the scimitar wielding man to get to him. The second the man got within swinging distance he swung the spear at him. The swing was just supposed to knock him Schwarz off balance, but the blow caused the spear split in half. The crowd roared in delight.

Mas growled to Schwarz in the dark man's language, "Sie werden nur wegen dies gewinnen."

With a smile the dark man replied, "Ein Sieg ist ein Sieg mein adliger Freund."

"I'm not going to quit that easily, now c'mon Railian. Catch me if you can," replied Mas a he took off running in a seperate direction. To the boos of the entire crowd. Mas looked behind him to see that the Railian could move quite well, even though he did have the armour on.

"Slow down Rentry scum, I swear of you don't your death will be slow and painful." Shouted Schwarz as he pulled out his second scimitar. "Feigling."

The crowd than started to chant, "Coward! Coward! Feigling!"

Mas ran as fast as he could until he ran out of space to run to. He turned himself around and held up the three-foot long wooden spear shaft. The Railian sliced the shaft down in two.

The Railian smiled. The Rentarian pulled out the knife. The dark man jumped at Mas, Mas swung that last remnant of the spear. The world slowed down to Mas as he let go of the spear piece and than side stepped Schwarz. The man gave a wild swing with the scimitar that missed it's mark entirely. Mas seeing a small opportunity slashed at him with the dagger. The dagger only went deep enough into Schwarz's forearm to cause slight bleeding.

Schwarz screamed in anger as he chopped at the taller man. Although Mas was nearly a foot taller than Schwarz, he was very nimble and managed to avoid the scimitars that seemed to be screaming for his blood. As well as the crowd. Schwarz stopped and looked Mas in the eyes once more. "My friend, remember this is not personal. I wish to live another day. Just like you. My Lord, forgive me."

Mas stepped back, "If I am to perish to your blade, let it be known, I have nothing against you gladiator. I won't give up to the circumstances though."

"If one of us is to die today. Let it be a fair fight than," Schwarz said softly as he tossed a scimitar in front of Mas's feet.

No sooner than when Mas went down to pick it up the weapon did Schwarz started his attack again. Bringing his scimitar down to the kneeling Rentarian. Mas managed to bring the scimitar up just in time to deflect Schwarz's swing. Carefully Mas got his way up to his feet while avoiding the call of his opponent's scimitar.

The two exchanged a few blows, testing each other's balance and strength.

"End it, end it, end it," the crowd chanting. No longer patient to see the demise of the slave fighters.

"Schwarz, I hate to say it. Yet I'm just as eager to end this as they are." Yelled Mas as he ran at Schwarz. Although the distance between the two was small. Each step seemed to take forever, every time a foot came up and down. The time slowed for the keen fighters.

Schwarz smiled again.

Mas put all of his momentum into his swing.