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Summary: Fifteen year old Courtney Tanner moves to New York and sttends a new school. She meets new people and soon gets a boyfriend. What will happen when she finds out that one of her best friends has fallen for her too? What if her boyfriend isn't all he seems at first sight? Rated PG-13 for language.


Courtney walked glumly towards what would be her first day at Ashten High. She was not looking forward to this one bit. In fact, she was dreading it.

A bit of background information on Courtney Tanner might be helpful here. Courtney came from a long line of successful ancestors. Her father, Mark Tanner, was a very good lawyer while her mother Claire Tanner was an ex- model and now worked in a variety of secretarial jobs.

Just recently her father had received a job offer he just couldn't refuse. The consequences were that her family had to move from their comfortable life in Wales to the busy city life of New York.

To Courtney that meant leaving behind her whole life and starting over. She would leave her friends, school and home and start a new school to make new friends whilst living in a new home.

Not that she had any complaints about the new home. Her house was much bigger than her old house in Wales and it was so modern! Her favorite place was the garden. It was one of those rare gardens that were so peaceful and natural looking that you could stay in it all night and not get bored. It was very large and had trees, flowers, a pond. You name it; it has it.

Her house was around a mile and a half away from Ashten High so that meant there was at least a 30 minute walk in the mornings for Courtney. This was made far worse by the fact that she was in no way, a morning person.

One good thing about the new school was that - unlike her school back in Wales - she could wear what she liked and could wear make-up and jewellery which she took full advantage of this morning in her attempts to make a good first impression.

She had chosen to wear some low cut, faded, tight jeans and a cute pale pink top. She only wore one silver ring, two small silver hoops and a silver necklace for jewellery and had only put a small amount of make-up on. She hadn't bothered to do anything with her hair except for wash it that morning and so her long blonde hair hung down just past her shoulders in perfect natural curls.

She shouldn't actually have bothered with the make-up though because in a way she looked nicer without it, although she looked nice anyway. She had very pale blue eyes that looked more gray than anything. Her blonde hair looked stylish in its natural form so she didn't have to go to any bother on it. She had clear skin although she was quite pale from the bad weather in Wales. Her frame was small in both height and width; making her seem very vulnerable but she had a loud and hyper attitude to make up for it.

She sighed and kept trudging along reluctantly, wishing she was back at her old school with her old friends. It had been terrible parting with them. Many tears were shed and a big leaving party had been arranged and she had gotten countless photo albums of her with her friends that people had set up for her to remember them by. She frowned. Now she'd have to make new friends and this was not something she wanted to do.

Eventually the school loomed into view. It was at least three times bigger than her old school and the amount of people walking towards it showed her that there were at least three times the students too.

This did nothing to lift her spirits however. Nor did it boost her confidence and she sighed again and entered through the gate. She realized that most people were in groups of friends and some were giving her curious glances. She flicked her hair back from her face and carried on walking up to the doors where she entered a corridor which was packed with teenagers.

She stood on tiptoe and looked over the crowd to try and see where she was meant to go when a voice came from her left.

"You should go to that door over there."

Courtney twirled around to find a very pretty girl behind her. She had dark red hair that flowed down past her shoulders, sparkling green eyes and a flawless complexion. She was taller than Courtney and slim. She had a kind, cheerful look to her and Courtney knew she would like her. She glanced over at the door the girl had pointed to and saw it said 'Main Office' on a bronze plaque.

"Thanks. I had no idea what I was meant to do once I got here," she said and smiled.

"No problem. I just got here and saw you standing here looking lost. I'm Haighley," she said and held out her hand for Courtney to shake.

"Courtney," was Courtney's answer as she shook her hand.

"'Kay then. You seem cool so I'll wait for you while you register and then I'll show you to your class. You can hang out with me and my mates at lunch if you want," Haighley suggested.

"Thanks! I wasn't sure what I was gonna do at lunch to be honest. I thought I'd end up sitting down on my own," she said as they fought their way through the crowd to the Office.

"What? Your too cute not to make friends instantly in this place! Believe me. The guys are gonna be all over you!" She winked at Courtney and then laughed at the look on her face. "Don't worry, their cool guys. You'll love 'em," she added confidently. "Okay so I'll wait here for you while you get your timetable and shit."

Courtney smiled and nodded before walking into the Office. It was a small room with one desk at the back and various printers and photocopiers around the walls. A plump blonde woman looked up from the desk and smiled, causing lines to appear next to her eyes that made her look kind and understanding.

"Ah hah! You must be the new girl. Courtney right?" she asked.

Courtney nodded.

"Okie dokie. I'll have your timetable printed in just a jiffy. You can take a seat if you want," she said, gesturing at the wooden chairs that were lined up along one wall.

"Thanks," Courtney said and sat down patiently.

Five minutes later she had her timetable and she left the office. Haighley was waiting and a smile lit up on her face when she saw Courtney.

"Hey! I want you to meet a couple of my friends! They are just over there. C'mon!" she said and led Courtney to a group of four people. Three guys and one girl.

"Guys this is Courtney. She's new. Court these weird-looking people are Kim, Ahmed and Joe," Haighley said pointing at each one in turn.

Kim had dark brown slightly curled hair highlighted with a lighter brown. She was small and thin like Courtney and really pretty. Her baby blue eyes sparkled as she smiled at Courtney.

"Hey!" she said kindly.

The two guys were really good-looking. Ahmed had dark skin, deep brown eyes and short black hair. He was tall and really well-built. Joe had brown hair and dark brown eyes. He was tall and quite thin. They both looked her up and down and then Ahmed stuck out his hand for her to shake.

"Hey, nice to meet you," he said with a smile.

Joe shook her hand too and said "Hi! Where are you from?"

Courtney smiled at them all and answered, "Wales." She laughed at their puzzled faces and Kim sighed.

"Wales is bordered with England dumbasses. It's really far away from here. Why did you move here?"

"My dad got a job offer somewhere near here," she answered.

"Oh okay then."

"Where do you live?" Joe asked curiously and Courtney told him. "That's the same way me, Haighley, Kim and Simon walk. You can walk with us if you want."

Courtney couldn't help but beam at them all. She had already made some friends and the school hadn't even started yet.

Just as she thought this the bell rang and the students began milling towards their classes.

"What have you got now Court?" Haighley asked.

Courtney looked down at her timetable for a moment and then looked up and smiled before saying "Creative writing I think. It's a confusing timetable."

They all laughed and Joe nodded.

"You got that with Kim, Simon, Lauren and Hannah. Kim'll introduce you to them," he told her and then added "But now I must be going to Math's. See ya at lunch guys."

He walked off and Haighley and Ahmed went to their Spanish class. Kim smiled at Courtney and motioned for her to follow.

"Simons a really funny guy and cute too so you wont have any problems getting along with him," she began as they walked. "Hannah's really shy but she's a really great gal and Lauren is really sweet but unless you don't know her well then she comes off as a bit of a slut but she really isn't like that. Just a word of advice though. You're cute so you'll be a hit with guys and so you should definitely listen to this. Lauren can be overprotective and her and Joe have been going out for years. No flirting with Joe unless you want to lose an arm." She laughed and stopped outside a door. "Ready for your first class?" she asked with a smile.

"Hell yeah," Courtney said with a laugh and Kim opened the door and led the way in. There were about ten other people in the class at that moment and Kim lead the way to the very back row where three people were talking. They looked up as Kim came up and Kim hugged them all before looking at Courtney.

"Okay people. This is Courtney. It's her first day. Courtney this is Simon, Lauren and Hannah."

Courtney looked them all over quickly.

Hannah was really tall! The top of Katria's head went to below her shoulder. She had blonde hair with a slight gingery tint to it that went to her shoulders and hazel eyes. She had a few tiny freckles and a nice smile. She looked quite shy and she smiled at Courtney and said hello in a hesitant voice.

Lauren was the typical blonde. She had long straight platinum blonde hair, bright blue eyes and she had a perfect figure. Her clothes were really revealing. She wore a very short pink skirt and a tiny tank top. Everything about her seemed like it was made for perfection but there was a sort of hardness to her, as if she wasn't all she appeared. She gave Courtney a dazzling smile and gave her a hug saying 'it was really nice to meet her and she knew they would be great friends'. As much as Courtney usually didn't like this type of person, she found herself warming to Lauren.

Simon had medium brown hair and bright green eyes. He was cute and looked really laid-back. He was about medium height and quite well-built. He was one of those guys who didn't care what they looked like and didn't make an effort to look good but ended up looking nice anyway. She shook his hand and he said 'Hey' whilst eying her up and down. She could tell by the roughness of his fingers that he played the guitar which made her smile. She loved musicians.

The group all sat down then. Courtney ended up sitting in between Simon and Kim.

They settled down and they were soon all talking really well and getting on great. Two guys came towards the table.

"Hey Simon. I'm not gonna be able to make it to the band tomorrow. I gotta look after my brother and sisters after school," one guy said to Simon.

"It's alright Jack. I know how that goes," he answered.

Courtney's attention was taken away from the conversation by another of the guys who was speaking.

"Who's the new girl?" he was asking Kim.

"Oh! Court this is Jonathon, Jonathon this is Courtney," she said with a bored tone. Courtney looked at her curiously but her friend just threw a disgusted look at Jonathon and shrugged.

"You can call me Jon," he said smoothly.

Courtney blushed slightly. "Hey Jon!" she said cheerfully.

He chuckled and started asking her questions about where she was from and where she lived and what she liked doing and if she had a boyfriend. That one made her eyes widen. She knew when a boy was flirting and this guy radiated flirtatiousness like Simon radiated cuteness. That thought made her blush slightly and she had no idea where it had come from.

She shook her head and said "Nope I don't. Do you? Have a girlfriend that is."

He laughed and she grinned sheepishly. Just then the door to the class opened and a guy she assumed was the teacher walked in.

"Sit down class and stop this noise!" he called and Jon smiled at her before turning to go.

He stopped after a few steps, turned slightly and said "No I don't. But I have my eye on someone." He winked and walked away leaving Courtney at a loss of what to say.

She looked at Kim again and saw the disapproving look on her face as she stared at Jon's back and when she turned to look at Simon she saw him, too, staring at Jon's back. The look he was sending wasn't disapproval though. It was hate.

She blinked and wondered what was so bad with Jon. He seemed charming - if a bit too forward - and he was a good-looking guy. He had blue eyes and brown hair in the style that's meant to look messy. He had an amazing smile though.

She shook her head forcefully to drive out those thoughts. He was nothing more than a big flirt.

The rest of the class went fairly smoothly. The teacher noticed the new student and introduced himself then proceeded with his lesson. After that lesson was Math's which Kim showed her to and Ahmed and Haighley were also in. Before she knew it the bell rang for lunch and she headed out with Ahmed and Haighley to the cafeteria.

There she met the rest of the gang.

Beth was a small shy girl. She had light brown wavy hair and was ever so slightly plump. She had an innocent look to her that was intriguing. She was so lovely and seemed to Courtney like the problem solver of the group.

Then there was Jade. She had dark brown hair and blue eyes. She was just above medium height and slim. She had a cute bouncy look to her that made her look younger than she was. She loved hugging people and only the slightest thing would set her off hugging one person which led to hugs all around.

Steven was a tall, thin jackass. He made random jokes, had no shame at all and would do absolutely anything for a laugh which - of course - had the group in hysterics many times. He was the funny guy of the group and did it well. He had slightly long black hair and blue eyes.

The last person was Luke. He had spiked up blonde hair, brown eyes and was really sweet. He was shorter even than Courtney and was apparently very sensitive about it. He was so nice though and he was very strong.

They spent the whole lunch getting to know each other and she found out she had at least one of them in every class. Out of all of them she found that she got along best with Kim, Haighley, Simon and Steven.

A few hours later she was sitting next to Simon in her History class. They were both talking happily as they worked and found out even more about each other. Simon was such a great guy, Courtney knew. He was good-looking, kind and funny. She loved talking to him and they got on really well.

"What are you doing this weekend?" he asked her curiously.

"Umm." Courtney said while thinking whether she had anything planned. "Nope I don't think so. My mom and dad are going out for the day and I only just moved here so haven't made plans with anyone yet. Why?"

"Me and the gang were gonna go catch a movie. Wanna come?" he asked her and she smiled happily.

"Yeah! What are we gonna see?"

"Dunno. One thing you'll learn hanging out with us is that were in no way organized," he said laughing. "Were all lazy buggers."

Courtney laughed and said "I'll fit right in here then."

Simon laughed again and nodded. "You already do."

Courtney hugged him. She didn't know why but he just made her feel so at ease. She had no trouble talking to any of her new friends even though she had only known them a few hours. There was just something about Simon though. She had to admit to herself, she did have a tiny crush on him. After all, who couldn't?

The lesson went quickly and soon the bell went signaling the end of class and school. They got up and went to meet Joe, Haighley and Kim.

"Hey Court!" Haighley said when they came. "Hows your first day been?"

Courtney smiled and said, "It's been great! I never thought I'd make this many new friends on the first day!"

Kim laughed. "Hell girl! Everyone in the school would have to be blind and stupid not to make friends with you. You've already got eleven new friends and had Jon flirting his ass off."

"I'm not surprised though. That guy flirts with any hot girl he sees." Simon commented.

They had started walking out of school by then and had to get through the people hanging around by the school gate.

"He wasn't flirting his ass off. He was just being nice that's all," Courtney said blushing slightly. It was obviously a lie though.

"Ya whatever Court. We can read you like a book hun," Haighley said laughing.

"One of those easy picture books," Joe added. "Face it girl. You have an admirer!"

Courtney laughed at that. "That's just going too far," she said and pushed him jokingly. "I'm not that easy to read am I?" she asked with a frown.

"Actually I'd say it was more a guess. We all know he was flirting with you even though we weren't all there," Haighley said and Courtney rolled her eyes.

The rest of the journey was made in a similar way. Before long they reached Joe's house and Courtney noticed it was much like hers in size.

She hugged him goodbye and he said "See you all tomorrow then."

Next it was Kim who went and Courtney, Simon and Haighley were left to walk. Haighley and Courtney lived on the same road but Courtney lived further down so they hugged goodbye and her and Simon kept walking down to her house. When they reached it she hugged Simon.

"Do you have far to walk?" she asked him and he shook his head.

"Nah only live two blocks over," he said with a shrug.

"Okay then. See ya tomorrow," Courtney said with a smile.

"Looking forward to it."

She laughed and watched him walk for a moment before going inside. A small blush found its way onto her cheeks and she hovered in the hall for a moment for the blush to go before going to see her mom.

"Hunny! How was your first day at school?" she asked as she looked up from the dinner she was preparing.

"Yup it was great! I made some really cool friends too!"

"That's wonderful hun! Met any cute guys?" she asked with a wink that made Courtney roll her eyes.

"Mom!" she moaned. Her mom laughed and she went upstairs to her room. It was a big room with a big queen sized bed. That was her pride and joy of the room. It was huge and so comfy! Her room was mainly lilac with some white and was filled with all her stuff which made it feel cosy and comfortable. It was her favourite place after the garden.

She dumped her small bag and lay on her bed wondering what to do. She went on her computer for a bit, searching through sites but because of the time zones she wasn't able to speak to her friends back in Wales. After a while her moms voice came up from downstairs calling her down for dinner.

Her dad was home and as soon as he saw her he said a in a loud voice "Mopsieeeee!"

Courtney sighed at her dads use of her kid name he used to (and still did) call her. "Dad seriously. Its embarrassing when you call me that. Especially when you do it infront of people." She told him and he laughed.

"Oh come on Court! Live a little!" he said.

Her dad was a tall man and well built. He had flecks of gray in his hair but was still convinced he was young enough to go around acting like a teenager. Much to Courtney's annoyance. Her mother was thin and beautiful. She looked like an older version of Courtney but her hair was a nice shade of brown. She was kind and cheerful and cared about the way she looked a lot. Courtney really didn't know how the two of them had got together. They were so different.

They sat down at the table and the meal went quickly and Courtney ran back up to her room. She did some of her homework and then went to bed. She still hadn't recovered fully from the jet lag.


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