All of my life

I was a little too butch

A little too manly

Not the right look

I cut my hair short

And strapped down my chest

I never wore makeup

Not like the rest

I never thought it wrong

To play with the boys

To wrestle in the mud

To play with their toys

It wasn't just a phase

It wouldn't go away

As I got older

These feelings were here to stay

I looked in the mirror

At the person that was me

But the reflection was all wrong

It was not who I was meant to be

The smoothness of the face

The jutting of the hips

The softness of the chest

The poutiness of the lips

Where was the stubble

That I dreamed of at night

Where was the hardness

I wished for with all my might

The girl in the mirror

Isn't me

Where is the boy

I want everyone to see