A NIGHTS EVENT A young girl looking to be about 16 was walking down the main road at sun down, when all of a sudden a short, skinny, pale man decided to attack her out of no ware. The girl pulled a sword out of her shirt front. The man dogged to the left in the blink in the eye, and the girl pulled the sword in front of her and brought the sword to the man's throat. "What the hell are you thinking, Saphrous?" the girl hissed in his ear. (*AN: yes I know this is an anime characters name... I just forget witch anime.. ask Oracka- can. Lesil: very intelligent. Ashen: remember I can kill you off if I want! Lesil: I'll be good..)
"Sorry. I was hungry" he said trembling. "Please Ashen... Don't kill me..."
"Why?" the tall brunet asked. She was tall around 5'7" with brown hair partly died red. She was wearing a pair of black leather slacks with knee high boots. Her top was a boys top with the top of the front sewn closed loosely with some leather.
"I haven't hurt you so.." he said as he brought his knees up to his chest and kicked her hard in the gut. She flew a crossed the road and into a tree. Her head hit with a sickening 'crack'.
"You jerk!" she hissed at him as she felt the front off her jaw begin to hurt. "Not now.."she mumbled.
She felt a jerk of pain in the pit of her stomach as she realized she was hungry. Both of the fighters stopped and sniffed the air. She smelt the warmth of a living creature as it rounded the bend. She stopped and looked down the road.
Saphrous took this opportunity to strike her hard a crossed the face. "Die you..." his words were cut short by the blade of a tall man.
"Saphrous you idiot." the man said. "Ashen are you alright?" the man asked. He was tall, around 5'9" with shoulder length hair. He was built like a warrior.
"Yes, Milord." She said attempting to kneel.
"How many times do I have to tell you to just call me Draconas?!" he yelled at her.
"Well it has been a few months..." she started.
"Not now we must go if we're to hunt tonight." Draconas said as he grabbed her waist.
"Draconas.. I'm not like that you know that." She said letting him pull her closer. "I eat like my mother not vice-versa." She said in exasperation.
"Now, now. I know you don't hunt like a vampire that's why they call you the Dhampir. 'Cause you hunt your own kind but obey the laws of men." He said looking in her eyes
"You know I didn't choose this life." She said to him "my mother did when father killed her." She said with a sad glint in her eyes.
"Now, my love, don't cry it's not becoming. The night is still young! We can go hunt like the vampire or go drink like the human. We can go find others of the Noble Dead and have a "party", or we can just be together." He said taking her chin in his hand
"Love... I must sleep tonight, tomorrow is another night. We can do what ever then." She said looking into his eyes. They were completely black with red centers. "But I've been traveling all day and most of last night. Please I just want to find an Inn to stay at."
"Yes, honey." He said looking back into her eyes. Her eyes were multi- colored with darker shades. "If you want I can give you a ride there."
"That would be nice." She said sleepily. *yawn* "I'm sorry." She apologized.
"Why do you always apologize?" he asked as he picked her up
"I don't know out of habit I guess." She said as she leaned her head on his shoulder.
He caught the smell of rotten blood full in the face as Ashen fell asleep. He looked down and saw that some of her hair was died blackish with her own black/red blood. The blood of a half-bread vampire, also known as the Dhampir.
They arrived in a little town called Jasell around 1am. 'I hope this isn't to early...' Draconas thought. He wandered the town looking for an open inn.
He found one about an hour after he arrived. It was called the "Youko's lair". 'Strange name.' he thought. 'I wonder if Ashen's been here before.'
He went to the door and pushed it open and stood there till one of the serving girls came up to him and asked "can I help you..or her?"
"May we come in?" he asked, knowing that if he only asked for himself Ashen may be punished, or worse she may be put to her final rest for not asking.
"Yes, it is and open pub." The serving girl said in surprise at the odd question.
"Do you have any extra rooms?" he asked as he brought Ashen into the heat of the common room. He felt her stir at the sudden change in temperature and said "We're here, honey."
"Five more minuets..." she mumbled in her sleep, as she snuggled closer to him.
"Alright. Just five minuets though..." he said to her.
"This way sir.." The serving girl said as she led him towards some stairs.
"Do you have any rooms in the basement?" he asked realizing that he can't stay in the upper story for the light may come in.
"Err... I believe so but why?" she asked skeptically
"She needs quiet and the second story isn't quiet." He said shortly.
"This way then." She said leading him into the basement.
She took him past the "stock" room to an empty room with just 1 bed in it. "Here you are sir." She said and curtsied and left.
He went over to the bed and put Ashen's now limp body on the bed. He realized the sun was about to rise soon, so he lied on the floor next to her bed.
When she awoke the next night he was just pulling his soul back from the nether-world.
"Well what should we do tonight?" he asked sitting on the bed next to her.
"I don't know.." She said looking at him "Maybe hunt?"
"Excellent! I'll get my falchion." And he got up and sheathed his falchion. "Shall we?" he said holding out his hand
"Lets." She said as she took his hand and let him lead her out of the inn. "By the way, sweetie..." Ashen started slowly. "I've found I have a half sister somewhere, I found out she lives in a town called Miiska... I thought we could make a detour..."
"hn.. A sister.." Draconas thought to himself a bit. "Is she as pretty as you?"
"Henti! I don't know! I've never seen her.. Her names Magiere. She still has no idea she's what she is. I'm supposed to explain apparently." Ashen said walking a step or to behind him down the main street. (*AN: ok this was customary in the past, for the females to walk behind the males, never with. They were stupid. Lesil: who exactly are you calling stupid? Ashen; you, and the males of the past Lesil; why? Ashen: don't know.*) "Any ways you could come to. It'd be nice not to travel alone for once. Or at least talk to the person who's trailing me!" she said glaring at the back of his head
"Who me?" he said innocently, turning to look at her. "Ware shell we hunt?"
"Go a town over. And yes you!" she said exasperatedly. "Its only a few more days, err..nights away..." She said remembering Draconas lived in the way of a vampire, though he was a dragon lord