**stars** - The person's thoughts on what they think the other is thinking


I look into her eyes and see sincerity and honesty
Behind the mask the serpent waits
She's coiled always waiting waiting
**Trust me trust me**
Waiting for the perfect moment
Striking out in fear and hatred
Never thinking of the ways she's
Wronged me wronged me
Always thinks I must know all
I must discover all there is to know
**All of your secrets secrets**
Even if there's none
**I'll find a way I'll find a way**
**To make you tell me all there is to know**

**And more**


I look into her eyes and see the fire and uncertainty
There is no mask to hide behind
I can see she hates me with her soul
**I'll always hate you hate you**
Hiding now within her shell
Lashing out will help no more
So now she now tries to
Burn me burn me
With her gaze piercing directly
Through me through me
**I see all your failings and your pain**
I have but none
**I always knew I always knew**
**I always saw straight through the wall**

**I know**