Your touch digging into

Some place in my chest

And I swear the pain spreads all around

Because I'm feeling pretty sick tonight

It's mainly my throat that's sore

Probably because of all the yelling

Of course, I just pretend you can hear me

And stop to answer the phone

I've been meaning to change my ring

Reading through old letters I realize that

Being friendly was easier than being myself

I want an intercom so I can tell the world that I'm sorry to have

Changed but I'm too busy pretending I don't miss them

It's not just you I'm hating it's every car that

Ever passed my house and saw me sitting home

It's when photographs don't look

Half as good as being there

It's how beautiful you are especially when you're

Hating life and how people cry

At their reflections because they'll never look

Half as good as you

It's my best friends and all the fun they have

When they're running in my backyard without me

It's when I tell people pointless secrets then find

A thousand reasons! to regret opening my mouth

It's how no one listens to you because words interfere with their staring

Except me, I always hear you but

I usually know what you're going to say

Before you say it

It's that I think religion is little more than superstition sometimes

(But the world told me to say it!)

It's how I can't see who's amazing with declining vision (due to technology)

It's how chapped my lips feel when you're far away

It's that I can't tell you what I'm yelling at no one

It's that I'll never have time to make amends with the people I've hurt

It's that the few I love are the ones that cause pain

It's how it seems I have far more to hate than to love

It's how misinformed I find myself

Unless I have you telling me what to know

It's just you I'm loving

And how no one can quite tell us apart

Until you use your addictive voice

And everyone gets lost in your eyes

I only want more

It's exactly like needing you