i was thinking, while i was falling asleep

(because the radio's songs were soothing

and telling me everything would be fine

but not easy)

what i was thinking was that

maybe i really need some sort of help

not a doctor with a clipboard

someone from the songs

someone just as confused as me

not to love, because i don't want love

(i'm scared of love now

well i guess i always was)

to tell me there's life where i least expect it

i'm unsure and for the first time

it's more than skin deep

i just want proof there is life!

i want to find it inside everyone

i'm not used to being bad at being fake

or maybe being exactly like myself

but i'm average today like i was yesterday

and i was thinking

(maybe because i was asleep) that

if i could find it inside myself

to reach out to you, singing heartache

we could understand the help

we could give each other

and prove there is unexpected life here