I finally get free time
the only time I do as I please
it turns out that free time is the only time
my happiness has an increase

On my free time, I can do many things
every time doesn't seem the same
I could ride my bike, I can watch TV
or just play a new computer game

So let's say I choose to ride my bike
I just grab a sister and go
My dad says I can't ride in the front alone
So, that's why I said so

But I don't always just ride my bike outside
Sometimes we make up something fun
Like tennis-dodge ball, tennis-baseball
Or just anything we think no one has done

So let's say I choose to watch TV
That would be only if it's the time for my favorite shows
Like "Strong Medicine" or "Any Day Now" were on
I'd be at the TV in a second, I know

But one thing I like to do
that seems kind of childish to me
I log onto the Internet
and look if there are any new games to see

Haha, it's really childish huh?
Well, you know, that's me
but how would you know if you never tried it
it really does keep you busy

But one thing I hate to happen
during my free time
is someone telling me to do a chore?
But not even giving me a dime

So, you see?

I want my free time