I have seen Death in the whitewashed walls
As the drums beat out the rythm of the ocean
He has no black cloak; he is robed in white
He has no scythe; the weapon he carries is fear
The waves are drumming on the shore
There are two days left

I sit on a bus with the souls of the doomed
I get up to run, to run away from their fate
One souls looks at me and it grins
"Have a nice life" it says; the face echoes in my mind
Pale and white and grinning, 'have a nice life'
There is one day left

I wake up with the surf pounding in my ears
I walk dreamily towards the crashing of the waves
I sing the last few bars of a song i once knew
My bare feet touch the cold water but there is no shock
Only a numbing chill as the spray froths around my waist
Death has come at last