A solitary figure stood atop the cliff, wind streaming across the giant stone structure, the fair-skinned girl's long, hazel hair streaming in the wind, floating out toward the ocean.

The sun was setting and her bloodied clothes were starting to feel cold but she ignored them and stayed there with her arms crossed, motionless, like a statue looking out toward the sunset.

Deeply pensive, she stood alone, remembering. But for now, she falls….

"Id like to go to sleep now, please." The room spins and distorts sporadically. "Sleep here and never wake up."

The doctor walks in and sits down, his face a jumble of emotions and body parts. "It's a little late - late - late for you toooooo beeeee up... Isn't it?"
She stares back, her face fixed in a neutral glare.

"They've told me some, unhappy - pleasantries about your condition, maybebebe we could discuss that (and sell our souls)?"
The doctor whispers the last part, maybe its some kind of subliminal message he sends his patients.
"I THINK WE SHOULD START OVER!" She exclaims. Alarmed, frightened. She grips the seat below her while it shape-shifts in her hands.
The doctor pauses to think for a moment… a long moment.

"Do you feel happy at all?" He finally asks. The patient smiles and nods while the doctors twisted hands scribble illegible notes down.
"I feel trapped right now, in this maze, this room so full of smoke and barbs that never stops shaking," she says hurriedly, nervously. She looks down at her hands trembling, then up at the seventies wallpaper, then back to the doctor. He seems to be morphing, changing colour and growing more muscular. His eyes glow and his mouth twists. "COUNT YOUR DAYS WOMAN!" he bellows while flames begin to tear at his muscular flesh, they consume the room.

The woman just stares, her heart racing, she starts to panic, to grip the seat again, the same thing she always does when she's upset: she grips, she clenches.

The shadow looms over her tiny body and voices begin surging from the burning walls. A satanic chanting that gets louder and louder. The doctors eyes become more intensely dark and imposing, the dark light surging from his eyes begins to fill the room as if it were a liquid. The woman begins panicking and clenching the chair harder, harder, until the wood breaks in her hands and splinters pierce her skin. The doctors demonic, twisted body suddenly lunges at her and her screams shatter the windows of the room…

"So you say that barbs fill this room, correct?"

She sits still, startled by the previous happenings. She finally nods.

"Well I don't see any, it must be your imagination." The doctor says condescendingly. "It must be YOUR IMAGINATION."

"Don't push me," she says. "Don't push me, I don't know what I'm capable of."

"Well that's what we're here to find out, isn't it?"


"Maybe you need some persuasion?" he asks.

"You want to see what I'm capable of? Fine, Ill show you, DEMON!" she screams without warning.

She stands up and grabs the vase in the corner of the room then hurls it at the doctor, it smashes on his face and he begins to bleed. "You want to see what I'm capable of? I'm capable of destroying demon scum like you!" She screams as she punches the doctors face viciously. His body goes limp, she picks up a vase shard and plunges it into the doctors half-dead body. Screaming she stabs again and again and again, spraying blood everywhere. In her face, in her eyes, on the carpet, over the walls, in her mouth. His body becomes a mutilated creature no longer identifiable as human. She screams…

She screams as her body falls, she screams, remembering the injustice of mankind, remembering the torture of her mind, remembering the loves lost and forgotten, she screams as she remembers reality, while she falls…