Pages stained with unspeakable wisdom,

Filled with persistent power, and potent sorcery.

In a crypt of frozen and endless time

It gives new life to the dead.

The enigma of all

It waits,

In its restless sleep


Bidding its time

For another soul to devour,

But will give up some of its dark knowledge in return.

It knows when another malevolent being will enter

Searching for the forbidden secrets confined herein.

It waits for those with a feeble mind

So it may corrupt them,

And turn them into the vilest creatures know

And some unknown.

Its blood stained papyrus paper

Engraved with words written in the dark language of old,

Telling of demented magic

Trembling curses

And devilish diseases of festering anger.

It lies in wait for its next victim.