Note: this story is written in journal form and each chapter will be a entry, now enjoy and please review.

August 13,

Friday of the New Moon

As I sit down writing, a storm raging around me and my candle burning brightly in the charcoal black house, I've come to reflect on some things. One of the most major would be my love life.

I have no love, no chance for a love. I will never have someone to hold me close and comfort me in times of fright, like when the lightening strikes and it the skies crack open with each boom of thunder and pour down upon the windows the water of all things. The water that the wind picks up and carries to the window to bang into it in a loud downpour of frightening music.

How I wish I could have someone to comfort me in those terrible times…in the frightening storm I am now experiencing and in the future in ones much like it. I have looked for that special someone but he can't be found.

I've searched from port to port and back again, but no one has that look in there eyes that tells me that they are the one for me. Maybe I should also search on the wide expanding sea for him, or maybe I just haven't looked well enough.

Who am I kidding he isn't anywhere and I weep for myself and my unexpected mischance of not being able to find "him". I'm not exactly sure who he is, maybe he is handsome, well mannered and rich. Yes rich for that is what my father wants and what my father wants I want.

Or maybe "he" will see me first and come to me, I'm pretty sure I'll know who he is from the way his eyes reflect the moon and his hair matches the shadows, his skin will be either as pale as the stars or as dark as night.

And when we meet his eyes will meet mine and we will both know that we were meant for each other, oh the day we meet I will know we were meant to be.

I smile at these thoughts, but it is getting late and I must sleep.