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August 16

A lot has happened since I last wrote, but I do not have to time to tell all of it for I have to meet with Xach in but a few minutes.

Xach is his name, the one I met but a few nights ago, but though we barely I have fallen in love with him and I believe he has fallen for me.

I have found out much about Xach (A smile is on my face whenever I write or say his name) He is a Wizard who specializes in conjuration and very good at what he does.

Just the other day he conjured me a small baby pup with white fur and black eyes that stare into your soul, a pet he had called it and a very obedient pet it is. It follows we around like I am its mother, I don't mind much, unless he looks at me with those eyes. I can not resist them, so like the eyes of a little child it makes me sad.

I'm getting off track now, now back to Xach. He says that he came from a land across the sea where magic is taught to everyone, not at all like here where the magic is taught only to great lords and ladies.

He also says that he knew I was the one for him because a friend of his know how to look into the future and checked his friends future and I came up.

Enough about him for the moment, for something terrible has happened. My father he has become terribly sick. He is pale and his eyes, those terrible eyes, they have swollen over and he has become blind. He goes into a fit of wild shivers when the sunlight hits his skin. But worst of all a strange markings has appeared upon his arm. It looks to have been burned onto him, a small star atop a skull. Xach says that the marking is a common sign in his culture, meaning great evil and once as a child an evil lord, his own father had engraved it onto his arm. Xach isn't sure what it actually means, but its bad news.

I fell bad for my father who is right now shivering in his bed, his screams of pain filling the air around him. I hate his screams they scare me beyond belief, even the pup hates them.

It is getting late and I have to meet Xach soon so I better stop writing

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P.S. Father has been like this since Xach came here, I wonder if the weather of that night is making him like this.