Poof, Be-Gone
Another one up in smoke
Another life, Another one
Another chance to make a scene
(For that's all any of us
can really accomplish
create our own scene
our own mark in memory
and against time)
Saturday night
The arechade lights all burn so bright
Your friends all say
Just take another hit
And fly away
Watch it spiral down the drain
Funny how it grins
All the way down
"At least I'm enjoying
My death" it seems to say
And I shrug it off
And I try to turn
Knowing there is nothing
That can be done
That I can do
It's all left up to
The only person who won't help
That spiraling smile itself
Another night of blistering sex
That you'll never remember
What good does that do you?
Push something you think
You care about away
Just to slip into the back room
And get high
Leave her alone in the dark
Scared as Hell
'Cause you've got
Your prioraties straight
Me, Then me
Then me, then you
A little white dust
And a little glass
Goes a long way, doesn't it?
A long way down
That's three times harder
Too climb back up
So why bother?
Let's forget another night
And watch you rot away
Before my eyes