Past the Sea of Shadows

Guilt consumes
And grief foreshadows,
The how and
When I break down,
Fall apart,
Pieces left in the dark,
I can't stand,
I can't breathe,

I can't sleep tonight,
I think I'll just
Turn out the light,
What's wrong
With me?
It's this overpowering
I think I'm failing already...

Yet I'll wake up
In the morn,
And decide
To be happy,
I'll live each day under
The sun like I've been
Living since the dawn
Of time.

I'll follow all the
Wild Flowers
And dream all the
Dreams tonight,
For even though
I know I'll break down,
In the morn
I'll decide
To be happy,

I'll plot my true coarse,
I'll know what's out there,
Before its faint force,
I'll keep going on,
For I'm my own one,
I'll keep strong for
The future,
Not for my land,

I've got some
Living to do,
And only one
I've got some
Carving to do,
And only one

Where is this going?
What will I be?
I'm plotting my coarse
Out on the rough sea,
Though I don't
See with human eyes
The land on the
Far away shore,
I know it must exist,
Though I'm not sure
What's in store,

I'll stay in the battle,
Fight 'til the very end.
I won't be defeated
These wounds
Aren't hard to mend.
I can chose to laugh
And I can chose to love,

I'm delighted only
Because I grin,
And I'm joyful only
Because I pray,
I can't know the future,
It's too far ahead to grasp,
But I know that I can
Trust in God,
To lead me duly home...