Losing A Loved One

The tombstones had been polished to shine,
In preparation for the event.
All the leaves that had fallen signaling the beginning of the season,
Had been raked up, that grass had been cut just right
And the fountains, scrubbed.
All the chairs are in straight lines under the 20ft by 20ft tent
Surrounding the grave.
Fresh baskets of flowers sit at all the corners of the ten For the people to throw in as the casket is lowered, to show their love.
Pictures of the loved one were blown up sit under the tent
To remind everyone of who is missing.
The family wants everything to be perfect, to show that they
Will not forget whom have they lost. As funeral begins
Hundreds of flowers are taken from the baskets and as the
Funeral ends hundreds of flowers are thrown onto the casket,
As it lowers into the ground, from friend's or family members
Showing their love.
A day like today is hard to deal with,
But with everything perfect it makes losing a loved one,
A little bit easier.

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