I've trembled on the edge of insanity more than twice

I know how it feels to love the world and hate it too

I have red welts on my arms from where blades had sliced

The euphoria the pain brings is just too good to be true

My heart has been torn; my soul has been tattered

By a father who doesn't care about her ex or his daughter

His indifference hurts me and leaves me feeling battered

This insanity – it wants me to scream and slaughter

But I hold back, driven by the sense of what's wrong and right

I can't hold back much longer – it's pushing me closer

I try to hold on, cling to sanity, hope and pray and sit tight

It feels like I'll die from the anticipation and insane exposure

Like my brain is frying, and I'm sick of even trying

But I'm hanging on to the last shreds of my humanity

This emotional pain – God, I think I'm dying

I think I've gone over the edge of insanity