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Chapter Two: Waking to a Nightmare


"Who is she?"

"Amy Anderson."

"Poor girl. She's not going to know what hit her when she wakes up. I pity her."

"I wonder why they brought her back when it would have been so much kinder just to leave her."

The voices sounded in Amy's head slightly muffled, as if from behind a door. The words seemed to rotate meaninglessly inside her mind, making her head ache. Memory hadn't yet come and she felt a slight numbness in her whole body as if she had been asleep for ages and still hadn't woken up. She wanted to open her eyes but was afraid of what she'd see. A quiet, almost unintelligible groan escaped her slightly parted lips and she heard a gasp, but didn't really take it in.

"She's waking. Quickly, go fetch the boss."

Amy frowned slightly and opened her eyes. She could barely see anything, the room was so dark. Someone walked over to her and a face loomed into view. She blinked in surprise and the man smiled.

He was elderly and had white, balding hair and was slightly chubby. He had a kindly face and his pale blue eyes were wrinkled from smiling. He reminded Amy exactly of her old grandfather who had died when she was eight. Just as she remembered that, the rest of her memory all of a sudden came back to her but she didn't have time to react to them properly before a throbbing pain erupted in her forehead, driving all thoughts from her mind.

"Good morning," the man said in a slightly husky voice. "I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to wake up."

Amy blinked again and another frown appeared on her face. "Where am I?" she asked in a voice that was raspy and quiet.

"Don't worry child. Your safe here. This place," he said, gesturing around him, "is an underground cavern. You are here because you needed urgent medical attention. If you want more information - which I'm sure you do - then you will have to wait until later I'm afraid."

Amy wanted to ask questions but her head hurt too much and she sighed and closed her eyes again.

Footsteps could be heard approaching them and a deep male voice asked, "She is awake?"

"Yes sir. I was just speaking to her," the old man said and Amy opened her eyes again to see who the newcomer was.

He was tall and from what he was wearing she could see that he was well built and extremely fit. He had brown, slightly long hair that was messed up and deep brown eyes. He was handsome but his face looked stressed and she could tell by the weariness in his eyes that he had gone through a life time of suffering. He looked to be a few years older than her. Nineteen at the most but he also looked hard, strong, confident and powerful. Amy knew she was afraid of him.

He looked down at her with his deep eyes and she simply stared back without blinking. He smiled slightly and walked towards her.

"How are you feeling?" he asked in his deep voice.

Amy bit her lip slightly. "I'm tired, have a killer of a headache, don't know where the hell I am or what happened to get me here and I don't have the energy to do anything but blink, talk and breathe. All in all, pretty crappy," she answered and the man raised his eyebrow.

"I'll get someone to come and tend you then," he said and turned to leave.

"Wait!" Amy called quickly and he turned back. "I want to know what the hell I'm doing here. Where is my family?" she asked desperately.

The man gave her a sympathetic look but simply said "First you must recover, and then we will tell you everything." With that, he walked away and the elderly man came to her side.

"You'll have to excuse him dear. He's gone through a lot and is nearly always that serious. Oh and by the way, I'm Brent," he said and Amy smiled up at him.

"I'm Amy," she said. "Please tell me Brent. Where are my family?" she practically begged him.

His eyes were shining with pity and he shook his head. "I cannot tell you my dear. I'm under orders not to let out a single thing to you. That is for when you are recovered."

Amy would have protested but a wave of tiredness swept over her and she surrendered to it, drifting off into a deep sleep.

What seemed to Amy like ten minutes later, she awoke again. She lay on the bed quietly for a while without opening her eyes. Maybe she would wake up and be in the park where she had fallen asleep waiting for Mira. Or maybe she would find herself in her own bed in her own house. But then there was still the possibility that she would open her eyes to find that she was in that large, stone-walled, practically empty room and that scared her.

She was a very down-to-earth girl. She believed in nothing like magic or witch-craft. She had never thought of anyone being able to truly have a happy ever after. Life was never perfect. But she also thought that seeing is believing and she had definitely seen those ten women. She recalled with a shudder how she had felt her hearts last beats before she collapsed and awoke in this strange place. It was something she never wanted to re-live.

But if that had happened, then why was she lying in this bed breathing? Why was she alive now? She slowly reached her hand up and put it over her chest. She could feel the quick beating of her heart and sighed quietly.

Also the fact that the people in this place with her wouldn't tell her where her family was worried her. It didn't take much to just tell her a location. Were they kidnapping her and didn't want her to cause a scene just yet? She didn't want to know. She had already gone through enough for now. Too much.

She raised her hand that was on her chest to her forehead. It felt hot to her touch and when she pressed it lightly with a finger a searing pain shot through her head making her vision fade slightly at the edges. She gasped and pulled her hand away as if burned.

She was distracted from her thoughts when the sounds of someone approaching made her drop her hand to her side and even out her breathing. She wasn't exactly sure why she did it, she just didn't feel like talking to anyone right then. She heard the footsteps stop right next to the bed she was in and there was silence for a long time. She began to feel uncomfortable, knowing that whoever it was, was looking at her. She decided to take this moment as her cue to "wake up" so she fluttered her eyes slightly and focus on the person standing above her.

She was very surprised to see it was the good-looking young man from before. He was looking down at her face and she looked up at him in confusion.

"Um. good morning!" she said sleepily and he raised an eyebrow at her.

"Morning? It's actually eleven at night," he answered and she shrugged.

"Same thing. So are you here to tell me what's going on?" she asked curiously.

"Partly. Some of it will be told by someone else," he answered in an emotionless tone.

"Righteo. So am I free to ask questions now?"

He nodded slightly. "Yes."

"Okay then. Why am I here?"

"You needed your life saved. So we brought you here to save it," he said simply.

She rolled her eyes. If he was going to continue being this anti-social then this wouldn't go well.

"And who are you?"

"Daemic Kontario."

"Yes but who are you? What are you? What is your purpose on this wonderful planet we call earth? Come on! It's a little thing called detail! You need to use it!" she said getting annoyed. He just answered her questions straight in that depressing tone of his. He seemed like a robot! She knew she shouldn't be cheeky to this man but she couldn't help it. There was just something about him that made her want to do it.

"I know what detail is. I just don't feel like telling my life story to a girl I don't even know," he said stiffly.

"You're like a robot," she said in an amused tone.

"You're like a child," was his immediate answer.

"I'm not! How old are you then?"

"Eighteen," he said with a smirk.

"Only three years difference," she said angrily. "Besides! I'm practically sixteen now! It's my birthday in a few months." She looked thoughtful for a moment. "Hey! What date is it? How long have I been here?"

That question wiped the smirk off his face. "Oh um. well. you've been in this cavern for about two weeks and the other question has to wait for after I've explained something," he said awkwardly.

"Okay." she said slowly.

"Well first things first. You remember the ten women who surrounded you?" she nodded. "Do you remember what happened?"

"Yes. I remember they appeared from like. nowhere and then they all shot something weird at me and I felt myself die." She realized how strange that sounded. "Well. at least it felt like I died. I felt my heart stop and I couldn't breathe so."

"Yes you did die," he said dismissively and she raised an eyebrow at him. How could he take this so coolly? Then again, how was she taking this so well? "Well anyway, those ten women are the most powerful women in the world. They each control a power. The ten powers are: Fire, Earth, Light, Darkness, Air, Water, Spirit, Ice, Life and Death. Each are powerful in their own way. Now, these ten women work together all the time, but they are also constantly fighting. They were in the middle of a battle when they transported themselves to the park you were in. Of course, as well as controlling their powers to help the world, they can also use them as weapons. Fire hurls fireballs, Light conjures lightning bolts, Ice can freeze her surroundings and also hurl large chunks of sharp ice at people etcetera.

"They were all in that clearing you were in and they had no idea that their battle would be ruined by your presence. The all conjured their own weapons and hurled them at each other, which of course hit you. It is unheard of for all ten powers to hit someone at the same time. You were the only person in the world that has happened to."

"Yippee. Doesn't that make me feel special," Amy muttered sarcastically.

"So when they realized that you were in their line of fire, it was too late to stop the attack and you died. But it was an unnatural death. You were frozen in a big block of black, murky ice. So, their pride at risk, the ten women brought you to the man who was their master at that time and have been trying to find a way to cure you ever since. They only came up with the answer a month ago and carried it out two weeks ago. You then slept for a long time. But it seems you have come through finally with only one noticeable sign of what happened to you."

Amy was staring at him with wide eyes. She wasn't sure whether he was joking or not. She had seen the ten women, she had felt herself die and he looked sincere but it was hard to believe in something that she had spent her whole life not believing in. It was just like magic, and that was impossible in her world.

"How long have I been here?" she asked hesitantly.

"One hundred and twenty seven years once this year is over," he said, looking into her eyes.

Amy looked at him in disbelief for a long moment in silence. "Eh?!" she spluttered eventually and his gaze turned sympathetic.

"The ten women - they are known as Goddesses which will be easier to say than 'The ten women' - are immortals. They cannot die unless they are killed or are set free by their master. I am their current master since my father died two years ago. So anyway, nine of the goddesses performed a very hard task of thawing the black ice and after that was completed; Life gave you back your life. She has the ability to make new life, restore life before it is completely gone and in rare cases she can completely give back life to someone. You're the first person in over a millennium to have this done to you," he concluded.

"Oh the good news keeps on coming," Amy mumbled. "Your just kidding me right? This is all one big joke. I'm gonna wake up to find that I'm in my room. Either that or I'm gonna find out I recently recovered from some kind of amnesia and my family and friends are all gonna jump out from behind those boxes and surprise me for my 16th birthday party." She looked at the boxes with her head tilted slightly as if expecting someone to leap out from behind. A sudden thought made her gaze snap back to Daemic's face.

"If what your saying is true - I'm not saying I believe you - but if it is a hundred and whatever years after that day in the park. what happened to my family?" she asked in a fearful tone.

Daemic stared at her for a moment and sighed. "Your family searched everywhere for you, but you were lost to them," he said sadly.

"And?" Amy asked in a hoarse voice. She cringed at what came next.

"They weren't immortal Amy. Old age catches up to almost everyone. I'm sorry but your family died many years ago."


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