my love

that flowed in peace to all the musicians i have never met

is now disturbed

by some cruel force

some contamination

poured by the gallon into my river

into my veins that will reach my heart

and eventually spread their contents through my body

my love

that i handed out freely

to the prettiest smile, to the bluest eyes

you doubt was love at all

your eyes

so often shut

should not suggest you speak of things you cannot see

there is nothing forgotten about people

bodies serve as the only cover for otherwise identical minds and souls

it is easy to love those

attractive on the outside

and to love those you'll never know

my love,

you make sense of things

i don't understand

yet i swear i do not love you

how could i love you?

the world says we are too different

it reminds me that

i am still unsure of who you are

you are the adventurer!

you show us your hiking boots so often!

after they've collected mud

and stains from the places you go

the day you come to wash them in the river

is the day it will dry up

is the day you will learn

more than i want you to know

my love

flows and

you are my pollution

questioning the sincerity

of what's inside me