The Bath

Here I am.

At your obsessive request

I am lying in this bath

Minus clothing of any kind

On this cold winter's day

I can't help blushing

For whatever will Mama think?

Of course

You'll tell her:

"It's just art!"

The water caresses my body

But my body is a bed

It is tense and stiff

I look to you for support,

But you are like a scientist

Observing, observing


Your mind is far, far away

On some incapturable color

You look everywhere but at my eyes

Cheri, have you painted eyes on my face at all?!

Perhaps not

You are a man

And like a man, you like to paint your own eyes on my face

What are you going to call this painting?

A Woman in a Bath? The Faithful Wife? The Bathing Venus?

I can only guess

Anyway, I feel rather uncomfortable

Bored too

Cheri, I've got better things to do

Than lie here completely naked,

And pose for you!

Should I get out?

Should I say: "Enough is enough"

And splash some water on your face?

How would you feel?

I know- you have a heart of steel

You would frown perhaps

And not forgive this mishap

Oh why did I follow your wish?

You remind me of Papa once

When he beat me and called me a child

Even though I was seventeen

On a cold winter's day

Far, far away