Arcane to some
is the way she sits
hands clasped in front of her
bone thin and brittle
yet thick and dripping in her eyes.

If angels have wings
and pretty girls
oh so skinny girls
live happily ever after
then why not should she?

Only beautiful people have happy endings
Did you ever notice that?

Her clothes flow over her
a river of fabric
t he red blouse she wears
reminds her of blood.
the way it runs down her chest- her once chest
and drips into a crimson pool
against her thin and fading stomach.

She does'nt even bleed anymore
s he tells herself that this is one step closer to perfection.

She grasps a cup between those thin hands
her bones jut through her skin like thorns
her face is a hollowed out mask.
she looks so delicate
she might break if you were to touch her.

This is perfection in her eyes
A skelaton
A stick figure
She'll be so pretty when she's dead.
all laid out in white
i n a dress that does'nt fit her
those bone thin ribs showing through.

If you are so bold as to try to define beauty
Can you tell me please, just what it means?

She strives so hard for something with little definition

Then again, don't we all?