This work is mine entirely. Please ask me for permission before posting it anywhere (as if you really wanted to..). I hope you like it; I wrote it for my beloved and he cried. Please review!


by SweetEvil

Never really good enough
Never quite perfect
The things that I always hear
Just fix that corner over there
Just change that little part right here
Do my best to please them
Oh, it could be better
Oh, it could be great
Quickly, apply myself harder
Don't be discouraged
Don't be upset
Take the criticism with a smile
A little more here and there
A little better, try again
Run home to my haven
Gentle hands that comfort me
Gentle voice that loves me
Forget the need for acceptance out there
Perfect love that holds me close
Perfect warmth that accepts me
Ignore them, they can't hurt me now
Wrapped up in my love for you
Wrapped up in your security
Wash the hurt far away