In a crazy world of one-night stands,

One-way reproving from the man,

I'm watching from the sidelines

And waiting for the phone to ring.

It's funny 'cause you think I care

When I just wonder if I lost you there

As I wandered right on down the road,

And missed the darkness for the scenery.

Once in a while I can hear

Your voice, it's ringing in my ears

As I wonder where I went wrong,

And figure that it must just have been you.

This all, it is no fault of mine,

But I hear from you from time to time,

And you tell me I'm wrong but I try again,

'Cause no one else is gonna stop to save you.

I'm waiting for the day to come

When the walls all crash on down at once,

And you deny it now and then,

But I see you waiting for it, too.

That moment may have come and gone,

I wouldn't know, I've not seen it all;

One thing that I can tell you is I'll stay for now,

But I won't stick around to see it all to end.

'Cause friends and things, they know I've tried,

And no one sees it's all a lie,

But hell if I'll be the one to tell

And break their glass menagerie.

So I'll look on from the sidelines

As the friend I used to know goes on and

Kills himself, from the inside out,

Become just another faceless body

In the crowd.

I'll see you on the other side, my friend.