Secrets of the Fangora

Long ago, before there was actually civilization, there was another world. A world, which had many of the fears, and problems that do not exist today. They had the enemies, humans, demons, vampires, werewolves, elements. If you were not popular with the gods, you were not popular with the other races.

Werewolves of the time, were called Vvardens, travelers from the island called Vvardenfall. They were once humans, but the legend goes, a great kind of Vvardenfall had disobeyed his god. The god had punished him, by bearing the curse of the Werewolf, transforming into a wolf by full moon. The king's name was Shayman Goldtree, and was one of the fiercest warriors in all of Fangora.

The Vampires were known to be the first to arrive on Fangora. They were the first settlers, and made the first buildings and kingdom, called Fangora. They had evolved over the years, and had developed a thirst for Blood. They began to hate the sunlight, and sooner or later began to move their people to the caves, and start a new civilization there.

The Demons came from another dimension, when the Vampires, or the Fangora were trying to summon one of their gods. It had opened a demon portal right from hell, and the demons had flooded all of Fangora. The demons changed in every shape and size. Demon Children would look completely normal, and would change to the form that their parents took.

The humans came from another land, somewhere in the universe. They docked on the land by ship, and had set up a civilization there. Mankind had driven all of the other races to the depths of Fangora, and had taken the land for themselves.

Now in Fangora, the humans rule. They cannot breach the gates of the Capitol City of Fangora, Ivan City. It is vast, and rests on a cliff above all others. Ivan Griffin Riders sweep the skies, looking for any signs of the other races, and will exterminate on sight.


The Hall of Elders was dark as the monk walked through it, holding a candle, the only source of light in the dark chamber. A scroll he was carrying, with a message for the King. The monk pushed open a metal door, and lighted the torches on the wall as he walked by. The light illuminated the corridor. He pushed the door open to the Throne Hall.

The Chamber was a magnificent room. Statues of their forefathers lined the walls of the Chamber. A brilliant red carpet lined the way to the Throne of Ivan City. Torches hung from the ceiling. Tables were against the walls, for great feasts. Behind the throne was a door that led to the King's Bedchambers.

"King Sirus! King Sirus!" The monk began to move into a jog as he stepped onto the red carpet.

"King Sirus! A message from the South, East, and West!" The King looked up from a letter he was writing, and watched the monk run up to him. The monk fell to one knee.

"My Lord, we have a message, from Judis Kaydin, of the Vampire Kingdom. We have a message from Verrick Goldtree, of the Vvardens, and Zillix of the Demon Kingdom." King Sirus stood up.

"What?" The monk stood up and handed him the scroll. King Sirus tore the scroll open and looked at the writing.

King Sirus of Ivan City,

We are fed up of hiding in the shadows, watching your evil infect the land. You were the last to arrive in Fangora. We have hid in the shadows for thousands of years, and are tired of living under your terms. As you can see, the letter is written in blood. Get your forces ready, Your Majesty. We are not waiting any longer.

King Sirus lowered the letter.

"What do we do now?"