The Secrets of Fangora

I can feel the storm tearing our boat apart. The wood is creaking, straining to be in one piece. I fear that if we do not make it to Sazgoth soon, our boat will blow to pieces and the angry sea will wash it away, along with us. The Vvarden boat is stronger then a normal boat, but not even its precious making and hull cannot hold against this storm.

It has been three days since we left Vvardenfell. We are beginning to run low on food, since I let myself and Daniella go careless on it. Judging by our maps and compass readings, we suspect that Sazgoth is about a days journey ahead. The wind has been at our backs so that has given us some time.

As I write I look through the porthole to the outside. The sea is raging violently. I keep my hand on my ink and quill for it has already fallen once. Daniella is sleeping very heavily and is not being wakened by the storm. I can feel the boat straining even more now, beneath my feet. I should go take care to the supplies on our deck.

Cillian closed the journal, and dipped the quill back in the ink bottle, and stood up. Daniella still showed no sign of waking up soon, so Cillian, leaning on the walls as the boat shook, walked to the entrance to the deck. He grabbed his rain cloak and tied it around his neck. He put up the hood, and walked out into the storm.

The supplies they had taken from Vvardenfell were sliding on the small deck side to side. Cillian now realize that it was not the storm that was making the boat rock violently, it was indeed the boxes outside. Cillian ran out onto the deck and then grabbed one of the sliding boxes, or at least tried to. It knocked him over and sent him rolling back into the cabin door. He shouted in pain, but managed to stand up. The box was now still. Cillian walked towards it, being cautious this time. He put his hands on it, and then began to pull it to the Mast.

At the bottom of the mast there were some ropes to tie the box to the ground. Cillian pulled the box to the mast and threw a rope over to the other side of the box. He moved around to the other side of the box, and tied the rope to a metal loop sticking from the planks. He then threw another rope of the side of the box and tied it to another metal loop. That was that.

A group of lights caught Cillian's eye. There was a group of buildings on what looked like an island. The lights made a pattern. Cillian recognized it instantly. They had reached the Docks of Sazgoth. Cillian dashed back into the cabin.

"Daniella! We've reached Sazgoth! Grab a cloak and help me turn the boat!" Daniella was out of bed in an instant. She rushed to the door and grabbed her cloak and slammed the cabin door. She ran out to the mast and began to pull on the line to turn the mast. Cillian ran to the wheel at the back and began to turn the boat.

"What's that!" yelled Daniella, pointing a wet figure at a black mass. Cillian stopped turning. The black mass was coming towards them. Daniella began to scream as it got closer. When it made contact with the boat, Cillian lost consciousness.

"Don't just stand there! Grab me some water! They're suffocating, the thing must have shot its gases into them." Cillian couldn't breath, there was something inside his throat.

"We need some herb to mix with the water to kill it." Cillian could hear a wide array of voices around him. Suddenly he could feel his body again, and he could already feel the feeling of suffocation. He began to thrash violently, grabbing at his throat.

"Oh god! Nurse! He's awake!" Cillian stopped for a moment. The voice belonged to Daniella. Suddenly he opened his eyes and a nurse was injecting this green liquid into his throat. He could breath again. He sucked in the air greedily, and lay still for a moment.

"…Cillian?" He opened his eyes again, and then slowly sat up. Daniella was beside him, and had her hand on his shoulder. Cillian smiled, and held it. Then, he leaned in and kissed her. She shuddered for a moment, and then began to kiss back gingerly. Cillian stopped, and then hopped off the bed. Cillian's cheeks flared, so did Daniella's.

"Uh…sorry…" Daniella looked down at her feet.

"It's fine. We should go to our Inn, I've booked one already. The demons here don't take too kindly to humans, but since I told them I'm a Vvarden they have been kind to me…I also told them that you were one too."

"Ok," he said simply. They walked down a winding path, sharing little conversation when they arrived at a battered door. Daniella opened it, and there was a little cozy lobby. The Inn Keeper smiled and let them go through. They climbed the stairs and then went to room 002, and opened the door.

Inside the room was one bed, with a bathroom, dresser, and balcony. Daniella smiled, and walked out to the balcony while Cillian put down the gear he was carrying and collapsed on the bed. Daniella came in, and joined him.

"…You know what I'm thinking?" Cillian turned and smiled, and recognized the gleam in her eyes. She wanted to do it.

"I think I do."

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