Sue sat at her front window Saturday afternoon. She was awaiting her friends to arrive at any moment so they could start on their school science project.
When her friends, Zach and Mary arrived they all wondered where Will was.
"I called him after school to remind him," claimed Mary.
The group sat on the couch waiting for Sue to call Will.
She pressed the phone to her ear. After four rings, Will finally picked up.
"Hello," said Will.
Mary could hardly hear him over the television that was blasting in the background.
"Will," said Sue loudly. "What are you doing? You were supposed to be at my house ten minutes ago to work on our project."
"Ah, shoot!" said Will. "I'll be over in five minutes." He hung up the phone.
As the group waited for Will to arrive, they got out all of their supplies and started to share their information about penguins with their each other.
Five minutes later, there was a knock on the door.
As Sue opened the door, Will rushed in with all of his supplies.
Now that everyone was together, Zach suggested that each member share what they learned on there subjects.
Mary went first sharing her research on what penguins eat.
Sue went next on penguin behavior patterns and Mary shared how penguins react to humans.
"Ok Will, it's your turn," said Zach.
Will looked slightly nervous. He stood up with his world map. "Penguins are animals that like to live in cold climates such as Antarctica, Greenland, and Alaska. They spend most of there time on land-'
"Stop!" said Sue. "You didn't put any work into this project, didn't you?
Will's shoulder's sunk.

How did Sue know Will didn't do any research on the project?