Gift Of Ghosts

By Shadows Fury

Summary: Ever since she was a kid Jessica Evans has been able to see ghosts but always tried to hide it. Now that she's seventeen it's becoming harder to ignore, especially since the ghost of the most ignorant, hotheaded male won't leave her alone. Did she also mention he's the hottest guy she's ever laid eyes on? Dead or… alive.

Chapter 1


"BLOODY HELL," I screamed as my fist came down on the infuriating sound, which I presumed was my alarm clock.

I felt satisfied, as it suddenly shut off, well when something breaks it tends to do that.

Seriously who ever made those fucking things never had to get up early, and I hope they die a slow agonizing death, cause if I ever find the bastard who did I'll…well let's just say it won't be pretty.

I buried my head back into my pillow sniggering at thought of how many ways I could make his or her death an accident. I know I should be getting up to get ready for school but, I'm to damn tired and even if I do get up I highly doubt my legs will function at the moment. It ain't like the schools going to go anywhere. No matter how much I wish it would.

So I lie here for a few minutes dreading the fact I'll have to get up sooner or later and I'm hoping on the latter, when I get that tingle on the back of my neck that someone's in my room. Don't ask me how I know this; it just happens every time I feel or rather sense one of them in my presence. As if on cue I feel a soft poking into my ribs, and groan inwardly. Maybe if I act like I'm asleep she'll go away.

"Jessica," a small voice barely over a whisper called. Ok maybe not.

"Go away I need my sleep," I growled edging further away from the extremely annoying habit of her poking.

"But, Jessie you'll be late for school." Fuck school, like I said it ain't going anywhere.

After a few minutesI sighed and threw the covers off my head; if I don't get up now then she'll just keep poking me until I do.

There standing at the side of my bed was the source of me not sleeping in, a little girl that was no more than eight. Her hair was pure blonde and came down to her shoulders framing around her face if it wasn't up in her usual pigtails, which she did now. She looked up at me with a toothy grin, her pale green eyes lid up and I forgot how tired I was and how pissed off from being deprived of sleep. I just couldn't stay angry with her she was just so… innocent.

I sat up and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and sighed. UhhhI'm getting to damn soft.

"Good morning Jessie," she called.

"Don't call me that Luna. You know how much I hate it," I scowled.

"But I like it better than Jessica," she whined crossing her arms over her chest in a defiant manner.

"Whatever just stop calling me that. Okay?" My tone dropping slightly at seeing her pout. Not completely though.

"Okay," Luna replied with that same small voice she woke me up with.

"Good, now get out so I can get dressed"

"Can we take the path through the park?" Luna asked eagerly, her hands clasped together as if praying.

I ran a hand through my tangled hair and considered my options. One, if I said no she would pout and get into one of her little fits. Two, if I said yes she wouldn't bother me until we leave. Besides the kid lost so much the best I could do is take her through the park.

"Yea, whatever just get out so I can get dressed," I rolled my eyes while she jumped up and down squealing something about seeing all the pretty flowers.

I brief hint of a smile dawned my face as I continued to watched her. The child lost more than anyone can imagine, yet she's happy just of the idea to see flowers. Happy… I wonder what that truly feels like. To be ha…

"Really, you mean it Jessica?" I gave her one of those 'do I have to repeat myself again' looks.

"Yes," I answered, grateful for the distraction of where my thoughts were going too. She squealed once more and lunged at me.

Before I new what was happening she wrapped her small arms around me in a hug. I could feel the coldness radiating from her body, that's how they all felt. Their touch was chilling to the bones just like… ice. Of course I was used to it by now, hers at least. And before I could react Luna let go of me again and bounced off.

"Thank you," with that she headed towards the door, not before giggling at the state of my alarm clock.

"I'll be out in twenty minutes I need to shower and that, okay kid?"

"Okay" Luna replied as she reached my door which was shut. She didn't stop or reach out a hand to turn the knob on the contrary I watched for about the millionth time, her walk right threw the door.

Let's get some things straight: first off I'm fully awake so I didn't dream it, nor did I imagine her walking through the door, I am not on crack, weed, or any other marvelous drugs and lastly I am one hundred percent sure I'm not drunk or hung over… yet. So let me explain it to you so your feeble minds can comprehend what just happened. Its plain and simple Luna's a ghost. Yep, that's right, a GHOST.

Most people think they don't even exist because they can't see them, but I know differently. I can see them, I've been able to see them every single damn day of my miserable life. Ever since I was a child I could see ghosts, hear them…feel them around me. Ghosts are everywhere. Most of them don't know that they have actually died and just wander around hopelessly not being able to move on. Silent watchers.

What I am is more difficult to explain. Since I know basically next to nothing about what I can do. What I do know is that I'm sort of… well… a shaman. Is that even the right term to use? I guess there is other names like seers, witches, you know all that mumbo jumbo magic crap but it still comes down that I have the sight to see ghosts.

I cannot say much about what I'm supposed to do with this… power or even how to use it the right way. Over the years I've hidden the fact I can see ghosts, and it's for a good reason. I want nothing to do with it, never again. It's better off this way.

The only thing I know for certain is that a shaman is supposed to ease ghosts into the afterlife, help them move on for whatever reason they have for still hanging on in the world of the living. Unfinished business. I sniggered, there's a lot you can find on the Internet these days.

I'll also admit that as much as I know about shamans, which is close to zilch I know even less about ghosts. I've learned from Luna that all ghosts can cause physical harm. Like before when she hugged me I felt that, and the same with her poking too. All ghosts can pretty much do as they please to us living, if they catch on that they can. And they're also way stronger. Even Luna. I can do physical harm to ghosts as well but I doubt it would do much due to their strength.

People will walk right through ghosts like their not there, I can't. If I walked up to a ghost and tried to walk through him or her, I'd just end up bumping into them. Then that would cause them to consider the fact that I can see them. Which I don't want happening.

I shoved off all the covers then, proceeding to get off the bed to go into the bathroom. My legs had other ideas. Tripping over my own feet, which I managed to get tangled in the sheets I threw onto the floor, and I fell.

"Stupid fucking sheets," I growled my eyes narrowing. I called that one. I didn't bother getting up and just crawled the rest of the way.

"What the hell did I ever do to disserve this?" I muttered to no one unparticular as I reached the wh… well sort of white tiles of my bathroom floor. After having a quick shower, which was freezing, I dragged myself back into my room.

My eyes roamed briefly over the small place. There wasn't much to say about it, really. The walls were painted a dark gray and the floor was just plain hardwood, no carpeting. I had a double sized bed with black sheets in the far right hand corner right across from the bathroom. Next to the bed was a little dresser decorated with the remains of my latest alarm clock, which reminds me I need a new one and a blue lava lamp. To the right of the bathroom was a desk, not much to say there it's basically a piece of crap. One side of it was being held up by two phone books, the second drawer down was cracked and it looked like it would cave in at any moment. But it's still a desk. On it was a whole bunch of school textbooks, an 18-inch TV, sketchbooks and whole bunch of scattered CD's. Inside the desk, who knows? Decorating the walls were some posters here and there, mostly of rock bands, and some framed paintings.

I let my eyes roam to my favorite side of the room where a large window was located. The window was concealed by long flowing black curtains that reached to the floor, smoothing into soft pools of velvet. One of the most expensive things I've bought. Attached to the window was a bench adorned with different colored pillows. I could sit there for hours watching the time go by behind closed windows, watching the people laughing and joking without a worry in the world. They're the lucky ones. Not knowing anything beyond what their own eyes can see, or what they've been taught to believe. I sighed, tearing my gaze away, looking else wear. It settled on my closet and I resumed in attempting to get ready for school.

Standing in front of a wall length mirror, hanging on the back of my room door I took a good look at my appearance. I have black hair that falls over my shoulders to my waist. My dark hair frames a pale face that looks back at me with dark green eyes, light green when I'm in better moods. I'm actually kind of small for 17 standing only at 5'4"; I like to see myself as vertically challenged whether than being called short. Like hell I'm going to tell you my weight. Lately I've had a pale complexion. I won't go as far to say I'm gorgeous, I could care less about what people think about my appearance, but I'm not ugly either. I'm not someone who sticks out in a crowd, and if you did take a second look at me it would be to late cause I would've already blended in with the people around me.

I flickered my gaze downward to what I'm wearing at the moment. My eyes narrowed in disgust, because of those stupid assholes at J.K Anderson High I have to wear a uniform. I chuckled, surprisingly they never said I couldn't fix or alter it for my liking. I wore the long sleeved white blouse all the time instead of the short sleeved one. Stitched on the right hand side is the J.K emblem. The shirt has a wide collar and space where a bow should have been. Should being the key word. I do not wear bows so; I resolved that by simply cutting in off. The blouse has white buttons going down from wear the bow was, I keep two undone. No matter how much I complained about the skirt, which was in my opinion about 4 fucking inches to short, they wouldn't let me wear the guy's pants. The dark blue almost black pleaded skirt comes to mid-thigh were my black fishnets end and my feet fit comfortably in black combat boots. Being me I couldn't stop there so, black fingerless gloves cover my wrists, and many bracelets and a couple spiked ones adorn my arms. Lastly around my neck hung a silver choker with a black gem positioned so it lay perfectly in the hollow of my throat. If you haven't guessed by now than yes, black is my favorite color. Actually black isn't a color it's a shade so, black is my favorite shade.

"Jessica," Luna said poking her head threw the door where the mirror was on.

I gasped stepping back and nearly tripping over my backpack that was directly behind me.

"Don't do that. You scared the shit out of me," I yelled, still trying to catch my breath. Luna always had a way of popping out of nowhere; sometimes I think she does it on purpose just to see what kind of reaction she'll get from me.

Luna cocked her head to the side, "I did?" She asked innocently.

I glowered at her and she just smiled sweetly at me.

"Damn kid, going give me a heart attack one of these days," I muttered.

"I will not," she scoffed. I didn't miss the shine of mischief in her eyes.

I rolled my eyes and picked up my backpack containing the books I needed for today.

"Are you ready yet? I want to see the flowers." She whined.

I glanced over my shoulder at her and nodded, "Meet me downstairs." In an instant she was gone in a cloud of mist that faded away as fast as it appeared.

Sparing one last look at my reflection in the mirror I sighed One would say what I've been given is a gift, a privilege. But no one would understand what… I had to go through. I don't see this… ability to see ghosts as a gift more like

"A fucking curse," I whispered.

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