Chapter 3

Luna stopped right in front of the stranger. She peered up at him her eyes filled with nothing but curiosity. The young man had pale blonde hair that gave off the appearance of a person who just got up. He wore baggy blue jeans that looked like they seen better days and a regular black t-shirt. The ghost was leaning against a tree arms crossed and eyes closed. The position was obvious to understand, it screamed "leave me alone." But, Luna was bored and she wanted someone to talk and play with. Maybe he could be her new friend. If he knew Luna stood there he didn't acknowledge it or maybe he didn't care.

"Hello," She called cheerfully. Luna waited a minute but there was no reply. Nor was there even an indication that the young man heard. He just stood there perfectly still.

Luna figured he must've not have heard her. She stepped closer and raised her voice louder this time, "Hello!" Still nothing.

The small ghost frowned, her eyes twinkling in confusion. Why wasn't he answering her?

The child moved closer, her small form only coming up to just above his knees. She poked him in the leg once, then again after he didn't respond. After a couple of minutes Luna sighed and hunched her shoulders in defeat. It always works with Jessica.

She stepped away and took a fleeting look at the other ghost. Her mouth curled in a pout and her eyes became teary, "I only wanted someone to talk to."

There was a sigh from behind her, "What do you want, girl?"

Luna gasped twirling around and stared into light blue eyes. His eyes reminded her of frost on a window. They were almost white, but with just a tint of blue evident.

Her mouth hung open and eyes were wide as she regarded the man. She barred her teeth in a wide grin.

"You can talk," she exclaimed gleefully.

"Yea, I guess I can," he replied closing his eyes.

"You know you shouldn't ignore someone when there talking to you. That's really bad manners and not to mention not very nice," Luna lectured pointing a small finger at him.

He opened one eye to regard the small child and chuckled. She was actually telling him how to act.

"Whatever kid, just go along now and play," he dismissed her with a wave of his hand.

"But there isn't anyone else to play with. Jess-," Luna corrected herself. "I mean there are no other ghosts around here."

The man didn't seem to notice the mistake and continued to ignore her.

"You do know you're a ghost right?"

"Really, I never noticed," he mocked. "Go figure, that's why everyone's ignoring me. Hmmmm….who knew."

Luna didn't seem to hear the sarcasm and just bobbed her head in agreement.

"So will you play with me now?" She asked hopefully.


"My name's Luna. What's yours?"


"How come there are holes in your pants?" She wondered.


"Flowers are pretty. Do you want to help me pick some? I always come here to pick flowers…"

The man gritted his teeth in annoyance and groaned. This girl won't shut up.

"I love all the colors. The purple ones are my favorite though and the yellow ones they smell good. Ohh yay…the red ones they have thorns you shouldn't pick those…"

Luna chattered happily going on and on about the flowers in this park. She didn't notice that the man wasn't listening. In fact he was trying his best to ignore her, but was failing miserably.

"…because there," Luna continued

"Would you stop!?" The man interrupted out of frustration.

The girl in question closed her mouth instantly, her once cheery eyes now clouded with sadness. She looked lost.

The older ghost's face twisted in remorse. The small girls lips were quivering and her shoulders trembled. Damn it…please god don't let her cry. He prayed…anything but that.

She looked up at him with pleading eyes. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "I'll go now."

The man sighed running a hand through his hair. He watched the girl gather herself and began walking away all in sniffles. He gritted his teeth, brows creasing thoughtfully.

"My name's Damian."

Luna halted and looked over her shoulder. Her lithe body relaxed and she ceased sniffling. She turned around and approached him once again. Her movements were slow and cautious.

"Damian?" She tested it out on her tongue. Then Luna tapped a finger on her chin for a moment before nodding. Almost as if his name needed to be approved by her.

"It's nice to meet you Damian. I'm Luna," the smaller ghost declared all traces of sadness gone and replaced with a bright smile. She extended a small hand up to him. He just looked at her with a blank expression. After a moment it dawned on him that she wanted to shake his hand. He raised an eyebrow, but decided to humor the little girl and extended his. They shook hands, Luna more enthusiastic about it then Damian.

Once that was accomplished Luna plopped herself down in front of Damian. She clasped her hands in her lap and looked up at him excitedly. He sighed already regretting that he ever opened his mouth in the first place. He snickered mentally, who knew guilt remained with you even in death. Damian folded his arms against his chest and braced himself for Luna's ranting to start up again. Sure enough it did.

"Wow, your hair sure is shiny," she commented. "Can I play with it?" Luna asked innocently.

Damian looked down at her bewildered and just a bit startled His eye twitched in annoyance and he bit back a nasty retort. She was just a child after all. He settled with a sound between a growl and grunt. If god was punishing him for something he may of down, then by all means he was certainly suffering. Especially since the day had just be gone.

His face twisted into a scowl. "No," he said firmly.

Luna cocked her side to the side and said, "Please?"

"No," Damian repeated.

"Pretty please?" She whined.


"Pretty please with sugar on top?"

"No," Damian and Luna chorused.

"Jinx!" Luna squealed.

Damian's eyes narrowed and that twitch was back again. The little ghost was skipping back and forth, laughing in delight at her little game. She came to a stop and met his icy blueeyes evenly.

"I jinxed you," Luna said proudly.

He smiled vaguely. Today will be a very long one indeed, he thought.

I sighed, slumping into my last period history class. School is far too stressful for me. There are way too many things to worry about. I was one of the first ones in, which proved to be an advantage. This way I could pick a sit in the back and no one would bother me. Even Mrs. Granger, the current supply teacher, wouldn't take time to notice. The rest of my classmates started piling in, and only spared a second to take account a supply teacher. Most of them grinned and nudged their friends. Of course it was obvious why. Supply meant free period. So, people started moving into their various groups to socialize with their friends, even over Mrs. Granger's strict orders to start working on the assigned work. She got no reaction, I didn't expect one. Eventually, she'll understand that there was no use and give up herself. Ten minutes later I wasn't disappointed.

Effortlessly, I finished the work and even got done my other homework from various classes. Just because I'd rather not make an appearance at school doesn't mean that I'm not smart. Actually, the truth is I don't like drawing attention to myself. In fact I rather avoid it entirely. It all goes along with my whole job in trying to blend in…to go unnoticed. But, it doesn't always work out the way I plan.

There was one thing that I was also gifted with other than those so called "powers." If I considered the ability to see ghosts a "power." Anyways, I also happen to be very talented in art. Since I was a child I'd had an interest in art, but I never realized my talent until years to come. Drawing was more than just a hobby to me. It was a way to provide for myself. It immersed me into a world away from my problems…my insecurities. It helped me deal with the fear of waking up everyday not knowing where I'm going in life and why did this have to happen to me? But, mostly it pays. Can you believe it? People actually bought some of my work. It wasn't for a whole lot of money, but hey, it helps y'know? I know I might sound a little greedy and selfish, but you try living on your own and having to pay for everything. Well, almost everything.

I work two jobs. Three times a week I work at a friends bar called Fire and Ice. Technically I'm under age, but he looks the other way. To him as long as I work then he doesn't care how old I am. My other, more appropriate job is at an art gallery. My official guardians own it and they let me use it for my own work and I help out around there. In return they pay my rent, only because they insisted. If I had my way they wouldn't pay for anything, but they're more stubborn than I am.

I buried my head in my hands. Vaguely, I could hear on going conversations around me. Talk about parties, whose going out with whom, plans on what there going to do tonight. Sometimes I wish I could be like them. Not a worry in the world. They didn't have to work tomorrow for money that can barely buy the weeks groceries, they didn't have to pretend to be something there not, and they definitely didn't have any freaky, abnormal powers. Yea, life was good.

Before I knew it the sound of the dismissal bell pierced through my thoughts. I lifted my head from the recess of my arms and looked around. I gathered my books and dragged myself out of the class and into the crowed halls.

I hunched my shoulders in an attempt to make myself seem smaller. Of course this wasn't difficult when you were rather short, only 5'4. I desperately tried to get out as quick as possible without bumping into anybody. Like I said before, I was getting paranoid. I made my way to the front of school.

I stopped in mid step just outside of the large front doors of J.K Anderson. I felt like I was forgetting something. I groaned, my hands coming up to massage my temples.

"For fuck's sake," I muttered. I forgot about detention. I growled my discomfort and turned back the way I came. Luna will understand, I thought as I stalked my way to Mr. Peterson's room.

Almost an hour later I left the school, in worst moods than when I arrived. The old bastard had me write a two page essay on being "punctual." I snorted, punctual my ass. I exited through the front doors once again. I stopped to glance around at the front area. A few people were still mingling with there friends, not very key on going home just yet. I ignored them for the most and headed over to the big oak trees over by the entrance. The closer I got the more I realized that Luna would have come to me by now. I halted and my gaze flew over the rest of the front area.

"Luna," I hissed. "Luna!" I called again. Damn it…where is she.

"Lun-" I stopped in mid call at the strange look I was getting from some tenth graders near by. I guess calling someone who other people can't see could look strange to onlookers.

I shrugged my shoulders and called one last time. There was no answer. Then it dawned on me that I should be able to feel her presence like how I always know when ghosts are around. I didn't really want to y'know; "the whole wanting to blend in" thing was always present in my mind. But, I didn't want to waste more time looking like an idiot calling a person no one knows, or yet alone can see. So, I closed my eyes and pictured her in my mind. I blocked out everything but her picture, her very presence. I focused on only finding her. Five minutes turned to ten and I was ready to give up. Who knew if I could do what I was trying to do? But, I felt her. She wasn't around or in the school, but she was near here. I almost smiled at my accomplishment. That would have been the right thing to do, right? Nope. I scowled instead and cursed myself for depending on these powers. I started walking in the direction of the park. I should have known she would have gone there in the first place.

I walked quickly through the park. I passed a few people here and there, not very many though. I headed straight for Luna's favorite spot, the flower patches. If she was here, which I'd already confirmed, then that's likely were she was.

I came around the corner and saw her. She looked like any other kid, except for the transparent, pale glow to her. Luna had on the same dress she always had. It was a simple white dress accented with green. The sleeves as well as the bottom of the dress had a ruffled look to it. She wore knee length white socks and white shoes. Her blonde hair was tied into her usual pigtails, which were held together by green ribbon. She was the perfect picture of child innocence. I sighed, thankful that she was here.

"Luna, thank god your he-" I started, coming fully around the corner. I froze coming to full stop in mid sentence. My mouth hung open, gawking at what I saw before me. From my position when I first arrived I didn't take notice in the figure in front of Luna. She wasn't alone.

He had pale blond hair, lighter than Luna's own golden color. He was tall and broad-shouldered. From here I could tell that his body was well toned and muscular enough by the way his shirt hung to his chest. He wore a simple black t-shirt and baggy blue jeans that had as many holes and rips as mine at home did. I would guess he would be a little older than I was maybe nineteen maybe twenty. But, who really could tell? He was a ghost after all. It's hard to guess their exact age. I must have stood there for what seemed like hours, just staring at him. Saying he was merely handsome was an insult. He was…beautiful. I shook my head, ridding me of those thoughts. I didn't like were my mind was going to. My mind screamed he was a ghost. Yeah, but he's a hot ghost, I corrected.

Luna was looking at me and by the expression on her face she knew she was in trouble. Then I shifted my pale green eyes to the young man and my face contorted into horror. It just hit me. I cursed violently in my mind. He must have heard me as well.

A light breeze was in the air. It ruffled the man's hair revealing extraordinary eyes. They were focused on me. I tried to shift my gaze elsewhere, but I couldn't. His eyes held mine in place. I couldn't tell what he was thinking. Did he here me call Luna? Does he know that that's her name? Fuck…has he figured out I can see him?

I shook my head and looked around the clearing.

I sighed, "Hmmm…I guess she's not here." I turned around and left.

Once she was gone Luna cast a regretful look at Damian and said, "I have to go now. Can I come back and talk to you again, Damian?"

He nodded without taking his eyes from where Jessica had fled from. Could she… he dismissed the question, it was ridiculous. Luna gave him a thankful smile and skipped off to where Jessica had left from.

Damian was left alone with his thoughts and his brows creased in thought, But what if? He gave one last look at were both girls had disappeared through and came to a conclusion.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit…" It was the only thing I could muster in my current state. I paced back and forth at the mouth of the park. Now and then I'd stop and change to a different curse. My mind could only register the "what ifs." Especially, what if he knows?

I was in such a state when Luna came bouncing along without a worry in the world. By the look on her face it didn't occur to her what just had happen.

"Hi Jesse," she greeted. I stopped my pacing and gave her a blank look.

"Were leaving," I announced. I didn't wait for an answer and went past her in the direction of my apartment.

About two minutes later we came to a halt at an intersection. I hadn't said anything else to Luna, I was afraid I would say something I would regret in the future. So, I kept my mouth closed. She didn't seem to notice or to care in that matter. A way into a child's mind is complicated. If she new what was wrong she didn't say anything.

Just as the light was changing to indicate we could walk across I felt a cold, tingling sensation on the back of my neck. The same one when I feel ore sense a ghost is around. Problem was it wasn't coming from Luna. My back went ridged and I automatically tensed. The walk sign flashed above us. One little thing I forgot to mention about Luna is she well…has this thing with walking across streets. She won't go across unless I hold her hand. I groaned mentally, and fought the urge to turn around and see who was watching. Maybe, if luck was with me, it was just some other ghost. That's if I was lucky.

Luna held up her hand expecting mine in return. I licked my lips, which were suddenly very dry. I took and deep breathe, in and out. I held out a shaky hand and she grabbed on. We walked across together, my hand twitching in her cool one. We stepped up onto the pavement and Luna let go to get a closer look at something that caught her eye in a window shop.

That uneasy feeling was still fresh in my mind. I could still faintly sense that unmistakable presence of a ghost. I had to know if I was right. Slowly, I turned around and I caught a glimpse of a figure across the street. My gaze swept higher and locked with a set of pale, icy blue eyes. They belonged to that ghost, the one from the park. I guess lady luck wasn't with me today. I bowed my head and turned back around. It was at that moment my instincts kicked in.

I ran and I didn't look back.

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