It was a beautiful, clear night,

Snowflakes were falling, soft and light,

Fireworks were booming up in the sky,

As I stood in front of you, starting to cry.

Slowly, hesitantly, I poured out my fears,

As you gently wiped away my tears,

You softly placed a hand under my chin,

And lifted my tear-streaked face up, amidst the din.

I looked into your deep-brown eyes,

As my head began to swirl with surprise,

Inch by inch, you moved in closer,

And I felt my tears fall slower and slower.

Overhead, the fireworks continued to boom,

And up above still shone the beautiful moon,

The million stars were twinkling and shining,

Standing all around us, many couples were kissing.

Before I realized what was happening,

You kissed me once, then backed away, smiling,

Shyly, I looked up into your smiling eyes,

Then, slowly, stepped forward to return your surprise.

There we stood kissing, underneath the clear black skies,

Fireworks were still booming, alighting your eyes,

However, here were more than the fireworks up above,

There were fireworks in my heart as well, full of love.