The Funeral Of Hearts

Letters tall are carved on stone,
No flowers lay beside,
The sanctuary of grey enclosed,
To which my soul is tied.

Most life within the frozen waste,
Accompanied by rain,
Dissolved alone and now there stands,
It's monument to shame.

Three words were uttered at the time,
Before we did depart,
I wondered then if you had heard,
Whilst silencing my heart.

And now I wait in frozen wind,
Engulfed within this blue,
Of oceans hollow beneath skies,
Separating me from you.

As we lay on sunken ground,
I turned to eyes of frail,
Painting you with the moons glow,
So vulnerable and pale.

The beats inside your chest had ceased,
As darkness fell to light,
Finally your heart was torn,
And I buried mine tonight.

A/N: I was listening to the song The Funeral Of Hearts by H.I.M and was
pushed to write this poem. I like it, but do you? The only way to find out
is by clicking that little button! Hehe, thanks to all my reviewers I
appreciate you soo much. Later everyone! Have a nice day!