The boy...

I see your face I see your smile,
And yet we're apart by miles,
Miles of space that doesn't exist,
But in our minds betwixt,
A ravine so deep,
That maybe could be crossed if we leap.
But I see you there and I'm afraid,
To take that leap to make a trade,
Your heart for mine,
My soul entwined with thine.

I tried to leap that leap before,
And all I found was rock hard floor,
My heart was smashed,
My soul was slashed,
And I dare not try it all again,
Not unless you prove me then,
That you would catch me if I fall,
I await to hear your call.
But I wont wait for long my dear,
I dare not wait a year.

I loved you for so long now,
But my heart must move on, I must allow,
My heart to heal, my soul to mend,
And I have no strength to lend.
And I'm so confused.
And I'm not sure if I should feel used.
You have told me yes and told me no,
Till I did not know which way to go.
You smiled, and laughed, told me you cared,
Then you turned away and a cold shoulder you shared.

What am I to do, my boy?
Am I to think me your toy,
Someone you run to when you can find no one else,
Or someone who means so little to you as all this.
What am I to think and what am I to do?
Am I to truly wait for you?
I wont wait long but still I'll wait,
I just hope your not too late,
If you truly care for me as sometimes it seems you do,
What am I to do with you?

Luna Silverthorn