December the 21st 2012
An alien force will arrive
To take over the world
And destroy all that's alive

A huge armada
Of alien spacecraft
Will blockade the earth
Then begin the attack

Fire will rain down from the sky
Cities will burn to dust
Survivors will be captured
And toyed for the aliens lust

There will be no help
To turn to for us
Because other aliens
Do not want to fuss

Through the ashes
We will rise
To end the US government's
Evil lies

We will gather up strength
And bide our time
Gathering information and supplies
Until the time is right

Some time later we will come out
From our hiding and prepare
For the fight to retake
Our world if we dare

We will be fighting an assortment of
Alien technologies that are unknown
Laser, plasma, giant UFOs,
Alien experiments, all alone

There shall be super smart Greys
And an assortment of different Reptilians
They each surpass us in smarts and strength
But our advantage is our spirit beings

So we gear up going to fight
With nothing to lose but all to gain
All of us with tiny glitters of hope
To die still free and not let it be in vain

Before we leave
The One will speak
Into the hearts of all
Those that freedom they seek

Never give up never surrender
Or we will all be dead
With that we depart
With the words in our head

The fight is hard
And many have died
But we continue to push
And to our goal we stride

A UFO for our taking
To transport me to my destiny
A selfless sacrifice
Which involves an explosion that's very shiny

So I embark
By myself into deep space
Bringing the war
Straight into the enemy's face

There I float
Over their home world's door
Letting go of the button
That shall end the war