I sit here thinking of used to be's
Of Days that passed as dreams.
Days that once i lived,
that were gone before i could give,
all the things i had to impart,
All the things that were in my heart.
I think of friends that once were close,
and think of how when i needed them most,
they were gone on their own wims,
and then i begin to think of him.
a boy i knew a boy i loved,
but me away he pushed and shoved.
But that boy is my past,
i knew what little we had wouldnt last.
But those are the Path of Yesterday,
Shouldn't i be on Future's Way?

I'm tired of thinking of used to be's
I tired of all these memmories,
My dreams should be of things to come,
Not that which has been already done.
I'm tired of thinking of days gone by,
And i'm tired of all of this wondering why.
But i cant help thinking of how my memories,
Seem to be as if out of someone else's stories.
Of another's life in another's time,
Something from another's mind.
It seems so very strange to see
These things that don't seem to have happened to me.
Yet i know they did because i hold the scars,
And i see the truth when i look in the stars.
I wish these days would return,
And yet i wish their memories would burn.

Because i'm tired of thinking of used to be's
ever so tired of thinking and wondering of all these.
What ifs and could have beens,
Have filled my life and never seem to end.
I'm tired of falling to my knees crying,
I'm tired of all this talk of friends dieing.
I'm tired of being afraid,
I'm tired of always putting on a sharade.
So no one will know the pain in my heart ,
Or know that i loved him from the start.
I'm tired of crying myself to sleep,
and yet praying no one knows i weep.
I'm tired of thinking of bygone days,
How i could have better gone throuhg the maze.
I'm tired of trying to peer through the fog,
and strain to see the truth in every journals log.

So there will be no more thinking of used to be's
There will only be future's fantasies.
Those days are gone,
and they took others along.
the days ahead hold untold treasures,
little gifts and wonderous pleasures.
So i'll think of thier wonders,
and dream of their plunders,
and not be afraid to take life's little chances,
only look to the grand wonderous advances.
I will look to the future and see how it could be,
rather than look to the things already seen.
Life is a journey and so i shall travel,
without looking back to see all that unraveled.
So here's to the future, may it always go on,
Listen to my voice and hear my song.