Chapter Twelve

She sneak behind one of the guys and planning to grab the gun that was on Jonathan's head. Just then, her father walked away and murmured something to Dean. It was not hard for her to guess what he said to Dean. Lily turned her head and winked at Derek to tell him that everything was going to the plan. She hit the guy on his back and took the gun. The noise had already startled other's attention. Her father turned and starred at her, not surprised that she was there.

"Took her gun and catch her, now." He ordered. All of a sudden men in black were coming everywhere and approach toward her. A smirk crawl up to her face, knowing those men were not her opponent. She needed to distract them and buy Derek some time. Kick, punch, duck, all her moves were smooth and graceful. One girl against 7 men. No matter how strong she was, she still couldn't avoid getting hurt once a while. Her shirt was now torn and her pony tail was getting loose. Bruises started to appear on her white skin and blood started to ooze out from the cuts. She started to getting tired.

At the same time, Derek tried to avoid letting anyone to see his existence. He sneak behind Jonathan and untied the rope. He whispered into Jonathan's ear: "can't you get up?" He nodded. "Good." Derek pulled Jonathan off the chair but he didn't leave: "Lily, come with us!"

"No! Just go!" Their conversation drew other's attention.

"Kill those men." The order was given and his men was on the move.

"Fucking shit!" Lily swore, "Father no! Don't do anything more wrong. I beg you." She dropped on her knees, sobbing and begging.

The men surrounded Derek and Jonathan and two guns were point at them. Derek pulled Jonathan behind him and told him to go if he ever had a chance. "Kill them!" Click

"No!" Lily stood up abruptly and ran toward Derek

Bang No one saw what actually happened in that split second. Until, Derek caught a warm body in his arms. Blood had stained the left corner of her shirt and still oozing out from her wound. He held her close to him.

"Why did you save me? I won't get hurt, you know that." Derek asked her with a broken voices. Blood had already painted his shirt and hands.

Her face was pale and her lips were turning purple. She pull him close and whispered into his ear: "Derek, I finally know I don't love him..." Her voice was getting softer and softer until it could no longer to be heard.

Derek picked up her body in his arms and said two words to the men around them: "Get away." The men felt hair stood up on their back and a chill ran down their spine. They stepped back, letting him to go through. Even Mr. Anderson felt a sense of coldness coming out of his words. Derek stopped in front of him: "Now are you happy?" Without giving him another look, Derek walked out of the warehouse with Lily in his arm and disappeared in the darkness.

Mr. Anderson still didn't wake up from what had happened until both Derek and Lily were out of his sight. Dean walked over and asked him if they need to chase them. He shook his head and said: "Let's go, just leave that bastard there." He walked out of that place like a lost soul. He had hurt her baby girl, his own loving daughter. Dean offered a hand as Mr. Anderson walked out of the place but he refused.

At last, Jonathan was the only one who was left at that place. He had seen everything. Maybe, Lily didn't block that bullet for him but she did save his life. He took out the disk in his pocket and cracked into two pieces and burnt it into ashes with his lighter. Lily, I'm sorry. This is the last thing I can do for you. I'm sorry.

White. The first colour she saw. She blinked her eyes and tried to sit up but a shooting pain in her chest made her moan softly. Suddenly, she remembered what happened in the warehouse. The last image was Derek's tender face. Where is him? She looked around the place and everything is white. Am I dead? Is this heaven? She looked at herself and her old jeans and shirt is gone. She was wearing a pair of white pants and white shirt. Her bruises and cuts from her last fighting was no where to be seen. If it weren't for the pain from her chest, she'd thought last night was a dream. A man's entrance had interrupted her thought and she was not surprised seeing him in white cloths.

"My name is Martin, a friend of Derek's." He quickly introduced herself and continued, "you are not dead and this place is not heaven yet and it is definitely not hell. Derek did heal you with his power that is why your scars is gone. The pain from your chest would remain a day or two. Until then, I can bring you to back home but for now you have to remain here and my job is to take care of you. Since no one really know your presence here, so please keep it down. You won't have a chance to see Derek anymore since he has broke the law of our kind." Martin quickly answered all her question before she had a chance to ask.

"So let me guess Martin. Derek has the power to heal people and you have the power to know people's private thought." Lily said sarcastically.

"Derek is right. You are smart but hard to deal with. I prefer the phrase 'listen to your inner voice'." Martin didn't really mind her sarcasm, instead he enjoy talking with her since Derek won't be back anytime soon. "Any ways I'll be in the other room, right across yours. This is originally Derek's room and yes we are room mates. Make yourself comfortable, we have pretty much everything you need." He gave her a flirty smile and quietly closed the door behind him.

She got off the bed and walked to the desk. It was very ordinary and simple. She picked up the picture that was put in a white frame. The picture of a little girl smiling under the blazing sun with dirt all over her face. The little girl seemed so familiar or the little girl was herself. Yes, it was her when she was in grade two. She remembered Derek pulled her aside that day and forced her to take this picture. She didn't want to because she had just came out of a fight in the sand box but he sweet talked her into taking it. At last, she did. Next day, the teacher told them that Derek had moved to England. Derek McNeal, once a little boy and now a grown man who saved her life.

She opened his drawer and saw his dairy. Knowing it was wrong to read someone's personal life, she still opened the pages. One page after the other he described his life when he moved to England and the death of his parents and his new identity. In his dairy, he called her the little sandbox girl. Only until, a year ago, when they met online again. He started to call her Lily in his Dairy.

November 20, 2003
Oh my god, I found my little sandbox girl.

November 23, 2003
She talked to me

December 21, 2003
What was bothering her? She seem so sad but I want her happy.

December 01, 2004
She is coming to London! Yay! She is coming to visit me, yay, well at least she says she is... Who is the dam guy that hurt her so badly.

March 03, 2005
Oh, Jonathan is the guy...

April 03, 2005
I hate my identity.. hate it. I cannot chase after her like any normal guys.. sigh.. what can I do to change it. Well, all I can do is be sure her safety then let's talk about the rest.

Her shadows filled the rest of the dairy. Tears rolls down along her cheeks and landed on the dairy. The words start to go blurry. She closed the dairy and put it where it belongs. She regretted her decision of coming to London. She wanted Derek back unharmed. Am I in love with him? I don't know. I just want him come back safely. I don't want him to get in anymore trouble because of me. She sobbed on his desk and slowly fell asleep again.

Martin, who was in the other room, knew perfectly what was happening. He didn't want to know but he could feel her pain. He could feel and listen all those things that was inside someone. He knew perfectly Lily's feeling toward Derek. Yet, he also saw the chance of those two actually being together. All he can do was wishing them good luck.

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