Chapter Thirteen

A man sitting in the hotel room with curtains covering the windows, shutting out all the sunlight. It had been a day since the last time he saw her daughter and he had sent out all his men to find his daughter. All he wanted was for her to come back. For all these years, he had dedicate himself to his business, to his kingdom. He finally realized that the business was totally meaningless. His daughter was right, he should've stopped. Now he woke up from his dream and would it be too late. Just then, Dean came in and report the latest news.

"I'm sorry sir." He apologized.

"Keep trying. I won't leave this place until I find her." He paused and continued, "even if you need to bring me her body. I still need to see her before I leave."

"Yes sir." Dean replied and walked out of the room as usual.

Lily woke up and found herself sleeping on Derek's desk. How long has it been? She looked around and there was no clock around. She cleaned herself and walked out. She went into the living room and Martin was already there, drinking his coffee.

"Good morning." He greeted and said," coffee is in the cupboard, milk is in the fridge and cereal is right in front of you."

"Thank you." Lily gave him a nod and made herself some breakfast. She walked over to the table and sat opposite of him.

"I have time today. Where do you want to go?" Martin answered her question before she even opened her mouth, "I'm sorry but I couldn't ignore such strong voice."

"It's fine." Lily replied quietly, "can you bring me to my father? I don't want him to worry about it too much."


Dean thought it was his own illusion when he saw Miss Anderson perfectly fine outside of the hotel. She entered the hotel and walked directly to her father's room, regardless of Dean's popped out eyes. She went into the room and her father was starring out the window. As usual, he thought Dean had come in and gave him his lunch.

"Dean, just put the lunch over there, thank you."

Lily walked closer to her father and called: "Father, I'm home." The man turned around slowly and surprised to see her in front him alive, in one piece, with no bandages on her body. He walked over to her and hugged her dearly.

"Oh honey, forgive me. I'm wrong." Tears stream down his cheeks for the 2nd time in his life. The last time he cry was when he lost his loving wife.

"Father I'm back. I'm back." She was glad to see her father again.

"Honey, what happened? Did that guy helped you?" Her father looked at her from top to bottom and couldn't find one single bruise or wound on her body.

"Yes, he did save my life. Father please don't ask anymore. It's a secret between me and him."

"Okay honey, I respect you." He was so happy that she was back again, "honey let's go home okay? Let's forget about this? Forgive me child."

"Thank you dad. Let's go home."

The next day, they bought a plane ticket back home. Before they left, Lily called Jonathan to make sure that he was already and to be sure that he wouldn't harm her father anymore. Lily sat beside his father and look out the window as the plane rise from the ground. She watched as London gets smaller and smaller and further and further away. Derek where are you? Do you know I left? Are you well? Will you miss me? Good-bye Derek. Even though she had only spend 2 month in London but it sure left a mark in her heart. However, she had to put it down and leave it in the memory box like 10 years ago. They all belonged to the past. Good-bye London. Good-bye Derek.

In a house in a quiet neighborhood, a young lady stumbled downstairs yelling to the kitchen: "Dad I'm going for work!"

"Don't forget the breakfast."

She ran to the kitchen and quickly grab a snack: "I'm running late, Dad. Love you so much." She kissed him on the cheek and gave him a big hug.

"Drive safely, Lily." Her father kiss her back and said, "come back early for dinner."

"Yes father. Bye." She ran out of the house and start her car. It had been 2 year since they came back from London. Right after they came back, her father ended his business and sold the mansion. They then bought a house in a loving neighborhood and she found a job in a company as an financial advisor. It had always been her dream to live a life like. Ever since she left London, she heard nothing from him nor Martin. Somewhere in her heart, she still though of Derek. A man who saved her life and gave her strength when she needed. She always wonder what would happen if he was here, beside of her but she could only dream that in the middle of night. During these 2 years, several guys had chased after her yet none had attracted her.

She parked her car and grabbed her suit case. She glanced at her watch, one more minute or else she was going to break her perfect record. She ran to the 5th floor, into her office, throw the suit case on the desk and dropped onto the chair. Beep Beep 9a.m. Right on time. She laughed at herself for her silly behavior because she was the only one who cares about this record. Just then, her secretary knocked on the door.

"Come in."

"Good morning Miss Anderson. There is a gentleman left something for you?" Her secretary reported and handed over the well wrapped present. Lily raised her eyes brow when she saw it. She didn't expect to receive anything at this time of the year.

"Did that gentleman leave not or anything?" Lily asked politely.

"No, Miss."

"Thank you Mrs. Davis, would you mind to bring me a cup of coffee please and a sandwich? I forgot to eat breakfast this morning again. Thank you so much." She gave her secretary a little girl smile. Mrs. Davis nodded and quietly left the room.

Lily opened the present and it was a picture. A picture of the sandbox girl. The picture that she saw in Derek's room. She flip to the back side and there was a note.

I'm waiting for you in the park across your building.


Immediately, Lily grabbed her stuff and ran out of her office. "Oh , I forgot that I have a doctor's appointment today so I won't be coming back. sorry for the coffee." She flashed her a smile and left the building. She looked around and saw the park on her right. Her heart beats faster and faster as she got closer and closer to the park. There he was, standing in the middle. He came to her when he saw her running toward him and wrapped his arm around her. They held onto each other like there was no tomorrow.

"You are back." Her voice was full of excitement.

"Yes, I am and I won't leave you ever again." Derek kissed her on her forehead and brushed her hair away from her gorgeous face.

"But what about your identity?" Lily was so afraid of loosing him again to his duty.

"I'm human now. I did couple impossible mission for the elders to regain my human form. So now, I cannot heal you when you get hurt anymore. Will you still want to go out with me?"

Lily nodded her head: "As long as you are here. Everything is fine." She reached for his lips and kissed him. Derek held her closer and returned her kissed. He missed her soft lips and her sweet scent. Time had stopped for them. Nothing matters besides each other. A simple kiss soon turned into a burning fire that surrounds them and bind them together, forever.

In a back yard, two men were playing chess under the beautiful sunshine.

"Check." A man in sixties warned his opponent who was only in his twenties.

"You are getting better at this aren't you, Mr. Anderson." The man moved his night to protect the king.

"Thanks to you Martin. Never thought this would be that interesting. I am enjoying life a lot more than 2 years ago." The old man chuckled, "so what do you think they are doing right now?"

"We'll see when they come back. I bet 100 dollars that your daughter will phone and say she couldn't come back and eat dinner with you." Martin slammed 100 dollars on the table. Mr. Anderson pushed the money back to Martin and both men laughed...

Honey, your daughter has found her happiness... I love you...

...The End...

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