Verse One:

She wears a concert tee,
With baggy, vintage jeans.
Flips through magazines,
And she prays.
Her green eyes are cold and dark,
She's angry at someone…

He lights his cigarette,
Curses to himself.
He messed it up so bad,
He forgot and now he's
Almost dead.
He didn't even really want her…


I wonder how two people,
Get so messed up.
Why would someone do that to her,
And what did he forget?
It's almost over…
They're at the end…
And there's no turning back.

Verse Two:

She grabs the photographs,
Rips them into shreds.
They flutter to the floor,
Her eyes close and…
She cries.
Yeah, she cries…

He grabs his things,
Throws them in the car.
He won't go get her,
Should have known they wouldn't
Get too far.
Yeah, wouldn't get too far…


Verse Three:

The airport buzz dies down,
She looks around.
No one cares about her,
She realizes she shouldn't have left.
What is she gonna do now,
How's she gonna get her life,
Turned around?

He sees the road ahead,
Bitter laugh escapes his throat.
He just wanted someone to,
Spend some time alone with…
Yeah, he chose the wrong one,
Now he's mad…


Verse Four:

Yeah, we all need someone.
Yeah, we all want someone.
Yeah, we all mess things up,
And we get so confused,
And we don't forget.

Two lives just got messed up.
One is crying for someone,
The other is laughing cause he left her behind…