The Siren Calls
By Roselle Mai

Note: There is a brief discussion of Hamlet, and a crappy display of poetic ability. Please do not kill me. I don't know Hamlet well enough and it's Jonah and Leon speaking… o.O Not me? Okay? ^^;
If you want to get in a discussion of Hamlet, I'm afraid I can't indulge you very well. My lawyer side lost to Ophelia and her lawyers during a mock trial. -_- (It also could be my friend objecting to every freaking thing. And there went the advantage of being on the debate team. It's not fair! They had our political activist and class genius! We got the chatty debate president girl who objected to everything lol, brainless anime debate vice president girl who didn't do jack shit -me-, and bitchy smart lazy boy whom I regard to as one of the girls. He's my friend and he knows people think he's bitchy.)
However, if you want to discuss Measure for Measure, I can sort of indulge you there. After all, my class spent months reading that play, writing essays, discussing it, and practicing it for performance. I'm not an expert but I'd like to think I learned something. Okay, that's enough babbling from me. Enjoy the story!

I've watched you for so long. I've wanted you for so long. I've longed for you, loved you. Always.

Leon waited anxiously in the classroom. It was almost time. He tugged on one of his curly black strands, letting it bounce back. Where was he? He was fifteen minutes late. "I have to go soon," he thought wistfully, "I need to tell him before I go." He looked at the cuckoo clock. He'd wait fifteen more minutes, and not a second more. He was already late, and he didn't want to anger him.

Fifteen minutes passed and still Jonah had not arrived. Disappointed and feeling heavyhearted, Leon hopped off of the desk. He should have known. He was last on the list of important things in Jonah's life. He looked wistfully out the classroom window at the greenery below. Grabbing his bag, he started to walk out the classroom when his cell phone rang.

"Hello?" asked Leon, feeling a bit weary.

"Yo Leon," said Jonah, his voice permeating through the air. He sounded a bit breathless. "Are you still there?"

Fighting back his weariness and irritation, Leon said in a barely polite tone, "Yes."

"Okay, good. I'll be there in five minutes." said Jonah before promptly hanging up on him. Leon sighed. It was always like this. He sat back down and loosened his tie a bit. He never did like summer and its unbearable heat. He was much more suited for autumn, a cooler season.

Jonah rushed into the classroom and looked apologetically at Leon. "I'm sorry," he said, "We were picking the roles for Hamlet." Leon smiled softly at his friend's affection for drama and the stage.

"No worries," said Leon, "I'm used to it by now." It was true. Jonah was always late. How funny it was that Jonah could be on time for everything else but him.

Jonah frowned. He said earnestly, "I'm really sorry Leon. I didn't mean to be late this time."

Leon smiled wistfully and said, "Nor last time or the time before that. It's okay Jonah. I said I'm used to it. Now tell me, did you land the role of Hamlet?"

Jonah's warm brown eyes lit up and he said, "Yeah, I did." He grinned. "Eric really wanted to play Hamlet too, but in the end Ms. Reed decided I was better suited to play Hamlet."

Leon's eyes strayed absentmindedly to the clock and he said amusedly, "It's because you're already nutters to begin with."

Jonah scowled and said, "Ophelia is the one who goes crazy. Hamlet pretends to be crazy to fool his uncle-father and his mother-aunt."

Leon said, "Ah, but it can be argued that Hamlet really was insane. Go read some critical essays. I mean, he was way too obsessed with his father and his mother; too much Freud. And who's to say he really saw and heard his father's ghost?"

Jonah said," Bah, don't throw in all that psychological crap. You know I'm not up for that kind of thinking. Hamlet's just full of passion and he lets his emotions control him. I mean you'd be a little off too if your father just died, and your mother married your UNCLE of all people like soon after. And that's almost incest, marrying your brother-in-law. That doesn't make Hamlet crazy, just a bit emotionally unstable."

Leon looked at the clock. It was time. He let his bright blue eyes fall upon Jonah. Walking towards Jonah he said, "Hamlet was passionate was he? If I recall correctly, it was his neglect towards Ophelia that led her to her insanity. He danced around her in circles professing his love for her before dropping her like an ice cube." He looked at Jonah who blinked at him in surprise.

Leon continued his advance on a confused Jonah until Jonah was backed into a wall. Leon said softly, "Hamlet wasn't passionate. He was a fool. He was an obsessed, disillusioned fool." Jonah looked down at him, wide-eyed.

Jonah said, "What's wrong with you Leon? You're acting odd today."

Leon looked at him through his long dark lashes. He murmured, "And you're a fool too, Jonah." Jonah, the boy he loved, oblivious and a fool. He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Jonah's neck, kissing the surprised unreceptive boy.

Jonah suddenly pushed Leon away and wiped his mouth on the back of his sleeve. Don't break, Leon told his heart, don't break yet. Jonah looked at him through narrowed eyes as he ran his hand through his straight dark chocolate colored hair.

Jonah said seriously, "What was that Leon?"

Leon grabbed his bag and leaned against a desk leisurely. He tilted his head to the side and said innocently, "Didn't I tell you I was insane?"

Jonah said in a warning tone, "Leon …"

Leon smiled sadly and said in a melancholy tone, "Far too long in the shadows I have hidden. I fear I will grow insane with longing. Maybe I already am insane. Just a kiss is all I ask of you. One simple moment lasting for a second; burned into my mind forever; you've given me eternal bliss. I love you."

Jonah growled and said, "Stop joking around Leon. There's an extent to jokes."

Leon ignored him and said, "But you don't love me back, do you? This is where we part. I bid you adieu my love. Farewell." He bowed, and left the room swiftly, leaving an extremely confused and irate Jonah.

Leon had tried his best to not just run from the room, and barely succeeded. But now that he was out of Jonah's line of vision, he broke into a run. He didn't want to risk Jonah coming after him and questioning him with a look of disgust in his eyes. He glanced at his watch while he was running. He had ten minutes to get there. Shit.

Jonah had snapped out of his stupor and ran out of the classroom to chase Leon. He barely saw Leon run down the stairs and shouted, "Leon!"

"Crap," Leon thought frantically. "I didn't think he'd snap out of it that fast." Panicking, he put an extra burst of speed into his steps. Looking behind him, he saw that Jonah was catching up. "Shit, shit, shit. I don't want a fucking confrontation!"

Jonah knew that Leon had heard him and purposely ignored him. He shouted, "Dammit Leon! Stop running!" He was catching up, but it annoyed him to no end that Leon wouldn't stop no matter how much he shouted. After all, it would be a hell of a lot easier if Leon just stopped running so they could talk. Obviously, Leon didn't want to explain his behavior. But Jonah was stubborn, and he was going to drag an explanation out of Leon once he caught up to him.

Leon said over his shoulder," Well, what if I don't want to stop running?!" Jonah growled. Damn brat.

Leon didn't know how much more he could take. He wasn't used to running, and he was going to have to stop eventually to catch his breath. It was too hot. He could feel the sun burning into his back, and his messy black curls stuck to his sweaty face. And he was only halfway to the beach. If Jonah caught him before then, he didn't know if his broken heart would allow him to get to the ocean.

Jonah was frustrated. How could Leon keep running like that? He spent most of his days basking in the warmth of the sun under the safe shade of a tree. He didn't know how to set a running pace or breathe rhythmically. He cried whenever they had to run during their physical education period so how the hell could that lazy and out of shape boy keep running so long? He would have called out to Leon again if he hadn't known that he wouldn't answer. He didn't want to waste his breath.

Leon looked over his shoulder and saw that Jonah was still chasing him with a determined look on his face. His eyes widened as he felt his foot hit something, and down he fell with a painful cry. "Fuck!"

Jonah caught up and knelt down, observing the other boy. His black slacks were torn on his knee. His knee was badly scraped and bleeding while his hands were scratched. He said in a concerned, "Are you okay?" Leon glared at him as if to say that this whole business his fault.

Leon said, "I'm fine." He frowned as Jonah helped him up, and winced when he stood. His knee and hands stung. It hurt.

Jonah said in an exasperated tone, "In the brief time I've known you, you've had more accidents than all of my other friends combined. C'mon, let's go sit down somewhere and talk." He slung Leon's arm over his shoulder and held onto his hand while using his other arm to circle around Leon's waist.

Leon narrowed his eyes and said, "I can walk just fine Jonah."

Jonah looked at him sourly and said, "No you can't, and this is also reassurance that you won't be able to run away again." He tightened his grip around Leon's waist in emphasis, causing the other boy to blush at their closeness and scowl at being effectively trapped in such a manner.

Leon looked towards the beach and pointed. He said, "I want to talk there."

Jonah said instantly, "That's too far." He wanted to look at Leon's knee as soon as possible.

Leon said stubbornly, "I want to talk there. Either we talk there or we don't talk all."

Jonah sighed and said, "Fine. I don't want to argue with you."

They walked towards the beach in awkward in silence. Leon felt ready to bolt at any minute, but Jonah was holding onto him too tightly.

When they had finally made it there, Jonah had chosen a spot with a huge boulder and gently seated Leon on it before examining his knee.

"You skinned your knee pretty badly," Jonah said as he dug through Leon's bag and found a water bottle. He poured water on the wound and used a handkerchief to clean it up before pulling out another hanky to wrap around Leon's skinned knee. After he finished tying it, he patted it and said, "There we go." He smiled brightly at Leon.

Leon ducked his head to hide his blush, muttering a quick thanks. The minor action brought a frown to Jonah's face as he soon remembered the task at hand. He gripped both of Leon's hands and said softly, "Now tell me why you did what you did Leon. No games okay? Give me the pure and simple truth."

Leon laughed a little bitterly and said, "The truth is never simple Jonah. People only say it is. Sometimes the truth can be more complicated than a woven web of lies."

Jonah smiled gently, trying to encourage Leon. He said, "It can't be that bad." He squeezed Leon's hands reassuringly. "Now tell me."

Leon looked away from Jonah's eyes. What was there to explain? He had told the truth earlier, although it wasn't taken seriously. He said in a small voice, "I meant it. I do love you." Silence met him in reply and Leon blinked back tears. He had known it was an unrequited love from the start. The hands that had held his so reassuringly earlier let go, and that hurt even more.

Jonah reeled in shock. Letting go of Leon's hands he threaded his hands through his hair again, a nervous habit. He had hoped that Leon was joking although a small part of him had known when Leon kissed him that it wasn't. He didn't have anything against boys who liked boys. He'd never had a boy who liked him before either. He had befriended Leon months prior at the beginning of senior year. He had noticed the boy before that but he never had any incentive to approach the boy until after a heated discussion in English had him intrigued. He was startled out of his musings by a sniffle.

Eyes widening Jonah grabbed Leon's face and he frowned softly as he wiped away the tears. He said, "Aw, Leon don't cry. You know I hate it when people I care about cry."

Hope lit in Leon's eyes and Jonah hated to be the one to break it as he said softly and firmly, "I care about you as a friend." The hope died down in Leon's bright blue eyes, leaving them dull. Jonah cursed himself more. His hands dropped from Leon's face to grab his hands again.

The silence was becoming unbearable so Jonah asked a question that had been lingering in his mind, "Since when?"

Leon bit his lower lip and said quietly, "Since freshman year."

Jonah scrunched his face together in confusion and said, "How? I only recall seeing you from sophomore year."

Leon said with a faint blush, "I saw you at the assembly. I—you—I thought you were cute. Later on I saw you in one of the drama club plays, and I sort of fell in love."

Jonah smiled at the mention of drama and said, "Which one?"

Leon said shyly, "A Christmas Carol. You were the nephew."

Jonah's eyes shined and he said, "That was the first play I acted in. A Christmas Carol is used to gauge incoming drama club members' abilities. I'm assuming you've been to my other plays. Which one was your favorite?"

Leon hesitated slightly and said, "I have two favorites."

Jonah said in an impatient tone that made Leon smile, "Well? Which ones then? And tell me why."

Leon said, "I liked Measure for Measure and the way you guys adapted it to reflect current politics. And um, the way you played the duke, it was," Leon blushed lightly, "really hot. I also liked the Swan Princess because like faerie tales. The set and costumes were done wonderfully and you made a great prince, a very dashing prince. I cried at the end of the play. It was very beautiful."

Jonah turned a bit red and said, "Oh."

It was silent again until Leon blurted out, "So you're not disgusted with me?"

Jonah squeezed Leon's hands and said, "I've never had a boy like me before so I've never thought much about it before. But no, I don't feel disgusted."

Leon smiled sadly, "But you don't love back right? You don't even like boys." Jonah looked at Leon. He didn't love him in a romantic way. He didn't want to lie to him.

Jonah said, "Well, no I don't but—"

"It's time to go," a cold voice interrupted, and arms came to wrap around Leon from behind. "You're very late you know."

Leon peered back with wide eyes and cried in disbelief, "You're here!"

The man who had pulled Leon into his arms was tall and dressed in a crisp white dress shirt, dark colored jeans, and a pair of old sneakers. He wore these articles as if they were made of fine silk or velvet and commanded a demanding presence. He was young, not much older than Jonah or Leon. His skin was tanned only slightly and fair blond hair fell about his shoulders in waves. His cerulean green eyes peered at Jonah curiously and with disdain.

He said in a tone with clear dislike, "Is he the one?"

Jonah narrowed his eyes at the man and his haughty attitude. He said in a clipped tone, "Who are you?"

The man sniffed and said, "There's no need for you to know. You won't remember anyways. I'm here to take the boy away."

Jonah bristled angrily at the man's haughty attitude and words. He said, "You're not taking him anywhere! It's called kidnapping and I'll call the cops!"

The man inclined his head and said, "The cops are your law enforcers are they not? I have kinsfolk working there. At any rate, it won't matter because you will forget this ever happened." He began carrying Leon towards the water and Jonah wondered furiously what the madman thought he was doing.

"Give him back you fucking psycho!" Jonah shouted angrily. Fuck it all to hell if he was going to let this psycho take his friend and drown him.

The man stopped and turned around. He smiled infuriatingly and said, "He was never yours to begin with."

Jonah knew that and that wasn't what he meant anyways! He snarled, "Well he's not yours to take!" Jonah hated the way the man was smiling.

The man said in a light tone, "Oh, but he is. He sold himself to me to forget the pains of his unrequited love."

Jonah reeled in shock, the anger momentarily forgotten, and said questioningly, "W—what? Leon?" What the hell was going on?

Leon didn't look at him. He wanted to explain but he didn't know how to start. He bowed his head and said, "I … it's true."

Now the man's indifferent visage changed to that of a scary one. He leered at Jonah and said in a possessive tone, "He belongs to me now foolish human. I have waited and watched him for long, and now he is finally mine." He slid his hand under Leon's shirt and began touching him as emphasis. Leon bit his lip as he felt the pleasant strokes and caresses.

Jonah growled, "Don't touch him you disgusting perverted psycho!"

The man smiled benignly, "Then is he disgusting too for enjoying my touches?" A flash of hurt crossed Leon's face and he tried to wrestle out of the man's arms shamefaced. The man wouldn't let him though, and he ceased his struggle.

Jonah gritted his teeth and glared at the man who had twisted his words. He shouted, "Fuck you! That's not what I meant!"

He ignored the man for the time being as he had stopped walking in the water. Jonah looked towards Leon, softening. He said in a gentle tone, "Leon, what's going on? Tell me."

Leon furrowed his eyebrows together in confusion. He couldn't say no when Jonah looked at him like that. He said in an unsure voice, "He's a merman or something like that. He lives deep in the ocean. He –"

The man tightened his grip around Leon and said in a pensive tone, "Why are you telling him this little sea lion? He won't remember. There's no point."

Leon said in a despondent tone, "I don't want to leave without explaining it to him." He felt so confused. He was beginning to regret his hasty actions. Everything was turning out differently than expected. He didn't know what to do anymore!

The man looked at him and said, "Isn't that what you were going to do anyways? I thought you left him a letter. You don't need to explain to him. He's going to forget anyways so I don't see why you bother."

Leon cried shrilly as the events took its toll on him and said, "It's different now! I hadn't expected him to chase after me! I hadn't expected him to still talk to me and not be disgusted! And I had expected him to see you! I'm not even sure I expected you to be real! I can't leave with you now if don't let me explain! I have to!"

The man's eyes flashed dangerously and he said, "Fine."

Jonah waited for Leon to continue tensely. It all seemed a bit farfetched and more like the ravings of a madman fed to Leon as truth, but something stopped him from completely disregarding Leon's explanation.

Leon started again in a soft voice, "One night, about a week ago, the night you had something to do and couldn't over, I went out for a walk and I felt drawn towards the beach. It was very peaceful and quiet and I felt at ease, forgetting about the hurtful feelings that had risen after you had called and told me something came up. Then Llyr," he motioned at the man still holding him in his arms, "just appeared out of nowhere and asked me what had happened to make such a enticing creature such as myself so sad. Normally you're supposed scream or run in a situation where a complete stranger approaches you in the middle of the night and there's no one around, but somehow that thought passed me over. I don't know why but I started crying and he kissed all my tears away. He told me not to cry and that he could make the pain go away." Leon stopped for a moment, thinking over what to say next.

Jonah said in disbelief, "How was he going to make the pain go away? If it's a matter of the heart, it can't be cured so easily."

Leon said in small voice, "He said he would make me forget. He would erase you from my mind."

Jonah's eyes widened and he said incredulously, "It hurt so badly to be in love with me that you were willing to forget me?"

Leon looked away and said, "You don't know what it's like to long after a person for four years. To gaze at that person from afar and imagine that is all you can do. A person unaware of your existence and a person, who, when finally acknowledges you, thinks of you as a casual friend. A person who makes idle promises that hurt when they are broken. The pain builds and the longing for something more grows. It would have been better if you had never befriended me. The feelings wouldn't have grown and you would have faded away from my heart eventually. But now, now you're a permanent existence."

Jonah said in a barely collected tone, "So this is all my fault?"

Leon cried out, "No! I just… this... I don't know! It doesn't matter anymore."

Jonah said in an icy tone, "I never thought you'd be so irresponsible, running away from your problems."

Tears were now streaming down Leon's face at Jonah's tone and words. The man regarded Jonah coolly and said, "That's enough. We're leaving now." He turned around and began sloshing towards deeper water again.

Enraged Jonah ran towards them with a cry and said, "You're not taking him anywhere!" He was pushed back harshly by an invisible force. He groaned as he hit sand and water, but he got back up and charged towards them again. The process repeated with Jonah getting thrown back farther and harder but he kept getting up. The man had a self satisfied smirk on his face as he watched Jonah struggled time and time again to reach them without result.

Leon said in a desperate voice, "Don't hurt him Llyr! I'll go with you I swear! We have a contract! I'll bear your children as long as you abide by my requests! Don't hurt him!"

The man's smirk turned into a faint frown. Jonah got up, coughing, and glared fiercely at the man. He moved one step forward, then another, and found that that invisible force pushing him back was gone.

Leon said in a pleading tone, "It's okay Jonah, you don't love me anyways so it doesn't matter. Don't try to fight him. He'll really kill you if you try. Please, just let it go." The look on Leon's face made Jonah freeze into place as he watched the man take Leon towards the water. He watched them submerge step by step until they were completely gone. He snapped out of it as soon as they had completely submerged, panicking. Rushing over to the area where they had vanished, Jonah dived under water several times to no avail. He couldn't see them anywhere.

Frustrated, Jonah kicked the water as he screamed, "Dammit! Leon you idiot! Come back! I wasn't finished yet! I was going to tell you I'd like to try and have a relationship with you! You didn't even give me a chance to love you! You're the fool! Fucking hell!" Finding he couldn't say much else he settled for screaming. He screamed and screamed in anger, anguish and helplessness.

After a while Jonah stopped screaming and thrashing at the water. He stood there for a long time mourning the loss of his friend, and a love that could have been but never was. He stood there, glaring furiously at the sea who had taken Leon. He waited but it never gave him back.

-End Part 1-

Inspiration: Another story idea I had which involved a girl who could hear the singing of the sea creatures. Every year in her city, there are reports of people going missing or drowning during a particular season. The reports have lessened because as Llyr said, they have kinsfolk working in the cities and government. I can't remember what prompted me to write this, but I think it was either a dream or a chapter of Lilias' The Sandman. (I'm thinking it was the latter. I don't remember dreaming about this story.)

Note: If you noticed the bearing children part then yes there is going to be mpreg. If you don't like it, you can stop here. I was originally going to leave the story like this but the sap in me begged for more. I've got bits and pieces of the second chapter planned out, but this isn't a priority piece so I don't know when I'll get around to writing it. It'll probably be twice or thrice as long as this chapter. Oh, and tell me what you thought of the characters? I'm trying to work on making consistent, believable well rounded characters. Sometimes I think they're too two dimensional or not real and it bugs me. Okay, that's enough from me.

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