The tears stream down my face,
Creating a lonely river,
Which overflows.

My heart is beating so hard,
Like a war drum that never dies,
Until dawn's light first hits,
And all hope is gone,
Dead, and away as the wind flows.

Will paranoia finally break me?
Stir me into the warm stew of insanity?
Why does society put restrictions on my happiness?
Why do we both think the same thing,
Yet, we never have the guts to say to each other,
What we truly feel…
Our minds so a tune,
Like a magnet, pulling together, yet pushing apart.
How long until we both overcome,
The chains, of perfection, we both seek,
Just realizing, we are human,
That we do both care,
Yet, cannot openly express it.

The fine line between a mentor and a friend.
What is the distinction?
Cannot one be both?
Questions, yet what are acceptable answers?
We both sneer at society's standards,
Yet, like the Outer Party,
We are blinded by the light of the Inner…
Tortured ruthlessly,
Within the prison of our minds.

The outside light.
It is blinding as though directly looking into the sun.
I stare upon your face,
Yet, my mind, and my soul are blank.
The past, so blurry.
Yet, you gave up first.
I fell into the trap too.
Frozen for all eternity,
Yet, desiring, without hope,
To regain burning passion.