Authors' Notes:

N-C: This is the random notebook that we randomly chose to write a random story that we randomly thought of.

L-C: Look at my cool purple pen! ((Typist: I guess you can't. Never mind.)) Random piece of randomnity: Enthralled is a cool word! The firstest part of the Mages of AAS sounds like a kiddie book. Only with swearing. Oh well! It'll change.I have a plot! Yee!

N-C: Well, anyways, the notes in the margins ((which you can't see anyway)) and random notes actually ON the pages are, well, random. Pay them no heed ((especially since you can't see them anyway)) though you might get a good laugh from 'em.


Nika-chan (/various other nicknames we don't have space for) and Li-chan!

Enjoy the "Mages Of AAS"!


The Mages of AAS



Once upon a time, in the depths of the writer's mind..there was an acronym.

This acronym was A.A.S (pronounced like Oz). These letters stood for a team of mages who only appear in the depths of boredom. All one needs to do is utter the words "I. AM. BORED!" and they shall appear. They have the uncanny ability to brighten any dull day.

These mages are: MyilA, AliasA, and XantoS. The mages of A.A.S!

In extreme situations, the mages A.G.A.A.S.T may need to be called: KironA, SonG, MyilA, AliasA, XantoS, and SermonT.

This is a record of the incidences where the mages of A.A.S have been called forth.



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