Just something I wrote for an English thing at school. Please review! Thanks

I Remember

Do you remember me? Sometimes I wonder whether you even recall the fact that I exist. You ignore me, now. I don't fit with your 'cool' image. But I remember you.

Do you remember that afternoon we spent on the beach in summer, just watching the waves roll in? The air was salty and we watched the sun set over the sea. We didn't speak-we didn't need to. We just watched. But now its winter and the beach is deserted. I don't suppose you remember anyway.

Do you remember the day we caught the bus to the city, but we couldn't remember which bus to catch back? So we walked for three hours in the wrong direction, playing silly games like 'I Spy' and asking people where we were, until you realised that you had your phone in your pocket all along. Your Mum was furious! But now I haven't been to the city for ages. I don't suppose you remember anyway.

Do you remember the night we spent outside, trying to count the stars? We saw seven shooting stars that night. It was so cold! Neither of us had a jacket or socks. But now it rains at night and I can't see the stars. I don't suppose you remember anyway.

And do you remember the time when we built a tree house all by ourselves? It was so flimsy and crooked it's a wonder we ever managed to get it up in that tree in your garden. Remember we sat on it together, and timed how long it supported us for? It only lasted one minute and twenty-six seconds until the boards snapped and we fell through the branches to the ground. You broke your arm that day. But now your arm's healed, and your Dad's cut down the tree. I don't suppose you remember anyway.

I remember all of it. I remember how you eyes sparkled and how your laughter was contagious. I remember how we laughed together, cried together, played together in the innocence of our childhood. I remember you, but it doesn't matter now. I don't suppose you remember me.