Freshman Year: Chapter Two
Part One

That first day of school was quite queer. Yeah, it wasn't the best first day, but I can say it also wasn't the worst ever. My new high school, Clark, turned out to be a hellhole for me in the beginning. The minute I walked into the building on the first day, I immediately got yelled at by this lady because my shirt was too "low". My first thought: Ok, bitch. My second: Great way to start the year, huh? But whatever, I really couldn't care less at the time. I just went through one of the most boring summers of my life, and now I was going to go through one of the hardest years of my life. So about Clark, it is a very depressing school if I do say so myself. They weren't kidding when they said there weren't any windows at Clark. And on top of that, the school colors are red and black, so everything was pretty much a dark shade of black or red. Then the lights, they were all fluorescent. Big, huge, ugly, bright fluorescent lights. The setting of the place was just creepy. It's a pretty big leap from a nice middle school, which was rebuilt while I was there, to a place where everything was old, and worn down. The setting related a lot with my mood in many ways. Actually, it directly paralleled it. I was feeling gloomy, bitchy, and wanted to be left alone. But I hated the feeling of it. The same feeling, which I highly detested, hit twice as hard, twice as long.

My schedule for the year was weird. I didn't like it at all. I didn't really know anyone in my classes. Even though there was an instant messaging frenzy the night before, it was all between friends who went to the other school. Yeah, it wasn't all that great when a friend instant messages you and asks your classes when you're not even going to the same damn school. I did, however, find out about a few girls at my school. From summer school, I met two girls who happened to be going to Clark as well. I didn't know if I should've ecstatic or dismal about the fact. But whatever, they ended up not having any classes with me, but just so as it seemed, one of their friends did. Sona. I had about 3 classes with the chick, and from what I've heard about her, I was supposedly just like her. Strange. I wasn't sure if I was going to like this, Sona, very much. For one, she was some Indian girl, and every Indian girl I've met so far have been bitches. Bitches with rude, unpleasant manner which everyone apparently loved. The one everyone just adores and cherishes just because she's "cool." And another thing? She wasn't the most interesting person online. Who knows, she might be different in person, but I didn't really care. I didn't think I was going to get along with her. But screw it, what did I know at the time? Evidently, squat.

So back to the first day. Interestingly boring first day. First period was one of my favorite subjects, math. Geometry Pre-IB to be exact. And guess who I had my very first class of high school with? Sona. There were a few Indian girls there so I wasn't sure which one was her, but I could pretty much guess from the girl in the corner staring at me. Yeah, I had showed her a picture of myself the night before. She seemed pretty ok I guess. I didn't think much about it at the time. When I walked into the class, I was intending to sit in the very back corner, away from everyone, but luck just wasn't by my side that day. We had a seating chart. Luckily, I wasn't in the very front, but more towards the back. I wasn't anywhere near that Sona girl either. Instead, I was sitting behind this guy, who I don't remember the name of, and beside another guy, whom I don't remember as well. Maybe it was because of the fact that no one talked. All we did was sit there in silence for most of the period while the teacher unsuccessfully tried to make a conversation with us. Finally she just gave up, and started talking about the class, and then started to teach the lesson. That was a big shock for me. Learning on the first day? Usually they waited a few days before they actually started the class, but not here. They started right away. We also got homework, on the first day. So not even an hour into class, and we had already gotten homework. I was starting to dislike that school even more, and it hasn't even been an hour into the school year.

The math room, which I was in, wasn't the most comforting room for a new freshman in a totally new environment. There were, unsurprisingly, no windows. The room was literally just a closed box, with nothing but one door. If the door were to be closed, I swear we would've all died from not being able to breathe. Well, maybe the air conditioning might have saved us. Not that it was ever turned off, especially in the winter. That room, in my opinion, had to be the coldest room in the school, but then again, I've only been to one room in the school so far. But still, I didn't exactly wear a jacket, or even a remotely thick shirt, just a measly little black shirt from the previous year. So I was basically shivering, and learning about angles. Yup, it was a great and exciting first period.

The bell finally rang. I wasn't used to block scheduling yet. The idea of an hour and forty-five minutes classes terrified me. I know I would die of boredom in some class or another, if it wasn't geometry. While I was walking out, I ran into that chick, Sona, and got a closer view of her. I just smiled and walked away. She was just like any other Indian girl. Black hair. Dark eyes. Freaking skinny. Braces. She was pretty though. Though, her personality was yet to be revealed.

Next class was Yearbook. That was probably one of the only classes I was looking forward to. Last year, I was partnered up with my best friend for yearbook, and it was a blast. I loved going around the school, skipping class, and taking pictures. We were all a close group of friends, who hung out everyday, including Saturdays, working on the yearbook. It was filled with laughter, inside jokes, pranks, food, fights, work, and who knows what else. However, when I walked into the yearbook room, all those thoughts died away. Yup, at that moment I knew that there was nothing to look forward to at Clark anymore.

When I walked into the yearbook room, there were like 10 people total, just sitting there, doing absolutely nothing but staring. Some people would've called it normal. Others may have called it boring. I just called it pathetic. Did no one at this damn school talk? Wasn't this the ghetto school with crazy black people everywhere? Psht, more like the ghetto school with so many god damn Indians everywhere. So anyway, my new yearbook class, this was going to my new "family" for this year. Looking at all those people, that was a scary thought. I've never seen so many diverse people in one classroom before. Not that that was bad or anything, but it was weird seeing a Hispanic, an Asian, an Indian, a Caucasian, and an African American all in one classroom. Not to mention, rich, poor, smart, stupid, organized, messy, clean, hygienic, religious, atheist, preppy, slutty, ghetto, normal, sophisticated, and rude. Yup, it was one queer class indeed. I think anyone in their right mind would've become a little nervous at the sight of that class. But, as the famous saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. This cover, however, was looking pretty unfavorable. Even though the class seemed intimidating, there was, however, one thing I didn't mind about the class. One of my middle school buddies was in the class. Ashley. She was in yearbook with me last year as well, so that was a bit reassuring on my part. I guess she was feeling the same way about the class as well, because we pretty much stuck together for the rest of class.

So when the class finally started, I was looking forward to seeing our new yearbook sponsor. Hopefully the yearbook advisor would be just as awesome as last year's. But, I should've learned my lesson of not getting my hopes up in a school like Clark. We had a sub, on the first day. What kind of gay school was this?! Oh well, the sub seemed boring enough. Fat, monotonous, white. Yup, it was a great way to start my "favorite" class. Ha. Ha. Everything was just getting better and better. I wish we had actually done something, except we all kind of sat there and stared at each other. Well, we played this one game where we had to say our name and then a food that started with the letter of your name. Then you would have to repeat everyone's name. I was Jell-O Jade. Yup, that was incredibly stupid. Then we learned about the three different lunch periods at Clark: A, B, and C. I got stuck in A lunch. Whoohoo. Ashley and I went to the cafeteria together, waited in line for about an hour, considering lunch was only 30 minutes, and when we got our lunch we kind of just sat on the steps since all the tables were full. Yeah, lunch was stupid. I was glad to have a friend with me because I didn't know anyone else. After lunch, we went back to that stupid class, Yearbook. I was already dreading that class and I wasn't even in it for an hour. Oh well, I thought things would probably get better next period, though I was highly doubting it. For the rest of class in Yearbook, we all just read a journalism book and answered frivolous questions from the book. Yup, it was pretty pointless and totally not yearbook related.

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