I don't know why that happened to me. Why me? OH, why did it happen to me? I was so happy. Now, as I look at myself in the mirror. I don't recognize the girl staring back at me. My once happy blue-green eyes and smile that as always on my face. But they're not there anymore. I move towards the window and see the ocean. Vast, empty, beautiful, but also a killer is what the ocean is to me. I remember sitting with my mom mother on a boat and running with him. . . It my fault what happened to him, both of them. My dad tries to comfort me by saying, "It's not your fault. It is how the ocean works." Every time he says that, I feel even quiltlier about my mother and him.

I don't really remember how she (mother) died all to well because I was only six at the time. . . That was eleven years ago. I didn't find out until I was ten. The major told me that she died by saving me. That was how he died too. He was my first and only true love, but everybody didn't like us together. He was the son of one of the wealthiest men on the island. And I? I am the daughter of a fisherman. We were two totally different people.

Walking down the stairs, I see my dad sitting at the kitchen table while reading a newspaper. God, how I love him so much! He tried to help me through my horrible cursed life. How he tired. . . I stare at him for a while before going over to him, kiss his forehead, and then say, "I love you so much. Good-bye." He looks at me with his old brown eyes and says, "I love you too. Are you going to the market?" I walk away with out answering. I walk through the back door, down the wooden porch steps, and the touch of the cool grass mixed with sand chilled my feet.

As I walk closer to the ocean, I start to cry from both joy and sadness. I am going to see my mother and my beloved again, but I am leaving the one person alive that truly cares for me. The cold dark water hit my feet. Knees. Waist. I hear my father calling my name out in the distance, "Michellleeee!" I ignore it and keep walking. The water is now up to my chin. Nose. "Michelleeee!" Then I heard no more.