Stream of consciousness poem off the top of my head. Hope you like. Please review!

Too much T.S. Eliot + Cathedral Domain + watching people adoringly in love with each other for an entire weekend *aww theys so cute…. But love SUCKS*= this poem

Prufrock leads my AA group

we are young,

(connotation = daring, not stupid)
you sit on porch swings

picking on six-strings sans one

(damn conformity to hell, you mention as you rip the cord right off the neck and the guitar cries)

and looking at me with those lazy, hazy,


hazed eyes of yours.

i meditate on your dilated pupils, enlightened with an ego.

we drink Smirnoff and act like crazy kids on acid

(oh wait, we are)

i blush as you walk the line on my declaration,

your voice and Buffet help me drink my way to morning's


when you get up off your knees,

(thanks again for the lovely wake-up call, porcelain bathroom goddess)

somewhere between wanton and endangerment

you won't remember the 'scary girl' look in my eyes,

when i might have told you that i was in…

(if only love wasn't so out of fashion for we *enter clique here *)

We swim in dreams of Makers, Jack, and Crown,

Till sober voices wake us, and we drown.

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