Chapter 2 The Assassination

"Thanks," I said to the cashier as he handed me my ice cream. I paid him the $3 and I walked outside where everyone else already had their ice cream.
"Time," Andrew said.
"8:07," I replied.
"We are still 23 minutes ahead of schedule," said Andrew.
"Yeah well let's just join the protestors and run amok. I have a score to settle with that gay marriage ban amendment," I punched my hand. We all began to walk towards Madison Square Garden.
"But Eric, you're not completely gay, what about Alyssa?" Jesse asked.
"Yeah well you know what I mean. I would still like to keep that option open if I can." I ran up to Alyssa, "I still love you though," and hugged her.
"I love you too, but Eric watch it, you almost made me drop my ice cream," she replied.
"Awww." Alysser said.
"Yeah so how long have you two been together now?" Julia asked.
"Counting also the first time around, or just the second?"
"I say, about 2 months, 4 days," I checked my watch, "9 hours and 27 minutes."
"Wow you're such a loser," Andrew commented.
"Oh yeah, I bet Alysser knows how long she's been with Bob," I said.
"Um. I don't remember, 4 years now?" she answered.
"Yep, and your engaged now too," I said excitedly for her. "See, I said it once, and I'll say it again, you were going to marry a full Italian British man named Bob."
"Yey, I can't wait!" Alysser yelled excitedly.
"Yeah well I still think that Vito's going to be the next one to go, despite his lack of a girl friend," I said.
"Well Vito is more of the husband type, I mean I'm just the guy who will have children with 10 different girls but still support them all," Andrew added.
"No I definitely think that Eric and Alyssa are next," said Jesse.
"Yeah Alyssa, how bout it?" I nudged at her jokingly.
"With that small penis for the rest of my life, I think not," she responded, and laughed hysterically.
"Burn!" Andrew said in my face.
My jaws dropped, and I shoved her lightly. "That was mean. I mean I know I have a small penis, but you don't have to make that a reason against me," I said glumly. That hurts, quite a lot.
"No my Asian lover, I love thee for you, not for your lack of," she apologized.
"No I'm not forgiving you for this one," I said.
"Yes you will, now come here," she grabbed at my face and gave me a loving kiss. "Better now?"
"Yeah," I smiled.
We were at Times Square, just a few blocks away from Madison Square Garden. There were thousands of protestors everywhere, holding up signs of abortion rights, gay marriages, and anti-war. We made our way through the angry crowds, pushing and shoving our way through. Jesse went first, and pushed everyone aside for us to follow right behind in his trail. We made it to Madison Square Garden, where a huge space in the front was cleared of protestors by police armed with automatic weapons, for the Republican officials to enter.
"Guys, this way," Jesse called for us.
We followed right behind him, leading us to a back entrance.
"Excuse me, where do you people think you're going?" said a big black man wearing a nicely pressed black suit, in a very low voice. He was quite intimidating.
Andrew pushed his way to the front of us, and began talking to the security man. "We're here to perform," he said, showing our fake instruments.
"What is your name?" the security guard asked.
"The Killer Robot Ninja Death," Andrew answered. Wow, that was good.
The big black security guard went through his clipboard, "You do not appear to be on the list."
"Well we were just booked yesterday by. Eric what senator was it?"
I looked around, "Crap, I forget his name." I looked behind, and saw a senator looking guy on his cell phone, "Wait there he is!" I pointed. He walked to the doorway, and showed his ID pass. "Wait senator!" I called for him.
"Wait hold on a minute," he said to the person on his cell phone, "what is it?" he asked impatiently.
"You just booked us yesterday for the convention remember?"
"I don't know what you're talking about, now good bye," he replied.
Andrew grabbed his sleeve and pulled him back, "Remember, we met at the hotel lobby last night, while you were talking to that very attractive and young female."
"Oh yes, I remember you guys now, show them in," he said nervously and shaking.
The security guard let us all in. Phase one complete.
"Andrew what was that?" I asked him, confused on where he got this information from.
"I guessed," he smiled.
"Quite excellent," I replied. "Where to now?"
"We break now, except since we're not driving, Jesse, you come with me and Vito backstage. Alysser, and Alyssa go to the convention floor. Eric and Julia, take up your sniping position."
"Come Julia, let us be on our way," I urged her on in a noble voice.
We spent a good 7 minutes wandering around backstage, trying to find the way to get up into the catwalks. Eventually we found a staircase that led up to a series of ladders, that brought us to a series of catwalks that were suspended high above the convention floor. Hey I can see Alyssa up here. Hi Alyssa, I see you. We walked to the middle of the middle catwalk, and began setting up. I took out the pieces of my sniper rifle, and began to assemble it, while Julia was getting our repelling ropes ready. Then I also took the MP5k out of my pants and put the strap around, then I untapped the pistol on my back and put it a pocket.
"It's a little high up here," I said nervously, looking down. I felt my face kind of get sucked down with a little bit of force, as the catwalk swayed gently in the air.
"Yes it is," she smiled back nervously. "Are you sure these ropes are long enough?"
"Should be, and if it's not, well then isn't that a bit of a pickle?" I answered.
Then the lights went out, and a single beam of light went on stage. There was a loud outburst of applause and cheering. A scary announcer voice then went, "And here is your president of the United States of America, George W. Bush!" Then everyone in the convention went even crazier, as Bush walked from backstage and up to the podium. He began his speech with a stupid corny joke. Oh please. I shook my head in embarrassment.
I looked down the scope, with the crosshairs right on his face. Where should I shoot him? Should I just kill him, or let him suffer a little first? Well a second shot may just give away my position, so let's just keep this simple. But then don't I have to give sniper cover fire anyway? I moved my scope to the curtain back stage, to find Andrew. I saw him all the way back stage, but right in my line of sight. He was looking straight at us.
"Julia click the flashlight once," I told her. She did, and Andrew clicked the light on and off once in acknowledgment. Then he clicked it 3 times quickly. "Ok, it's a go. Get ready."
I moved my aiming retricles back on Bush's head. Ugly little bugger. With one eye I looked down the scope, and the other I kept an eye on Andrew's location. Then there was one click of the flashlight slowly, then a second, and a third, from which I then pulled the trigger. The noise of the shot was completely muffled by the crowd's applause for an idiot son of an asshole. Applause was quickly shifted to screams as the bullet rippled through his eye, and out the back of his head. He laid sprawled, and slightly twitching in his left leg, in his own pool of blood and brain tissue. The lights on stage immediately went out.
"Pawn down," I smiled.
I switched my scope into night vision mode, and watched as Andrew, Vito, and Jesse, jumped from backstage, and began illuminating the stage with gunfire against the armed security. I aided them in giving sniper fire at far away enemies. It was easy to spot them out, since it was like a stone that is getting in the way of a raging current from a river of people running away. I finished up my 10 bullets, and slapped in a new magazine.
"Eric come on, let's go," Julia said, getting her P90 ready. She was antsy to get some combat.
I put on my guitar case, not wanting to leave behind any evidence, then over that, my sniper rifle. I unslung the MP5k and got ready to repel. Julia handed me a pair of night vision goggles, and a pair of heavy duty gloves. She went over the railing, and repelled down to the convention floor fearlessly. I went over, and stared down. Hey good thing it's dark and I can't see the floor. I put on the night vision goggles and turned them on. Go. I held on to the rope tightly, and pushed off, putting myself into a controlled fall. I slid down to the floor silently, where guards were already upon me and Julia's position, since the ropes would probably be pretty visible. I fired in short controlled bursts at the incoming guards, aiming for their chest, and then letting the recoil push my aim slightly higher. I watched the crowd run past us with one eye, looking at the faces. My eyes met with one of the running bystanders. Queen.
"I have the Queen in sights, come on!" I yelled, pulling on her collar to follow me.
We ran through the crowd, pushing our way across. By now the Queen noticed that we were running right behind him, and took off. We ran right behind him, and when Julia had the clear shot moments later, she took it. The bullet went through his knee cap, bringing him down. I ran up to him, took out a roll of duct tape from my pocket, and began taping him as a hostage.
"We have the Queen alive," Julia said over the radio.
"I copy, we took down a Bishop and a Knight," Andrew's voice said. "Head to the rendezvous point."
"Where's Alyssa?" I asked Julia to ask Andrew.
"Where are the other two?"
"Right behind you," Alyssa replied.
"Whoa!" I was taken by surprise.
"Never mind," Julia said.
"Come on, we're leaving now," I picked up the hostage, and began forcing him to move.
Just as I said that, loud speakers from outside yelled, "This is the police, we have the building surrounded, come out with your hands to your head, or we will come in with deadly force."
"Yeah sure, and my ass is green," I said to myself. Hey, the place is like completely empty, looky there.